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Where can I get a good paper from?

Feb 21, 2010 | #2

Feb 21, 2010 | #4
I'm sorry, but recommendations are not allowed.

"9. The EssayScam Forum (that includes the private message system) is not a place for advertisements or publicity in any way. EssayScam and its moderators have the sole discretion to determine what constitutes an advertisement. Violators may be temporarily or permanently suspended."

Feb 21, 2010 | #6
I wish that I could, but I can't. What I can suggest is that you spend some time reading my investigations to determine which sites that you should avoid.

Feb 22, 2010 | #8

I am sorry that you, like all others here, have been abused and insulted by that THING called WritersBeware (a psycho witch) - she is breaking the rules of the forum with her lies and libel, and makes a fool of herself with her constant attempts to bully and abuse everyone like a great big fat toad sitting on a rotting tree trunk called EssayScam, but as she is a kissing cousin of the owners (a commercial company) she is allowed to do that (she should have been banned years ago if this site followed its own rules).

This PROVES this site is NOT legitimate - so you myailoveyou have had a lucky escape!

Only the ignorant and the truly mad believe a word that liar WritersBeware says - so ignore all her recommendations and ignore also all her libel and slander against legitimate sites. Why does she do this: 1) she is a lunatic; 2) she is a piece of abusive scum; 3) she represents ********* so has a vested interest in abusing and disparaging all legitimate essay sites - such as the many she has lied about and slandered on this forum - WHICH by the way is completely biased and unregulated - it is NOT a trustworthy source of information so only an idiot would take the advice given on EssayScam.


Now wait for the flow of verbal diarrhoea from the resident psycho scumbrain saddo WritersBeware. 4000+ posts here from that unemployable witch! ALL full of lies. All ignored by anyone with more than half a brain. Idiot.

Good luck myailoveyou. Try writing the essay yourself and then get an essaysite or a local postgraduate student to improve it - put up a note on a local uni or hospital notice board. Really, most essay sites are utter scams and will send you bad work anyway. And do you REALLY want to cheat? Would you admit that you did to your baby? If not, then you know it is wrong, so you'd feel much better to try it yourself and then get help via a physical (NOT AN ONLINE) notice board. GOOD LUCK!

Feb 22, 2010 | #9

Mod, we all recognize the return of the psycho. Please remove and ban.

Feb 23, 2010 | #10
As predicted, ths loonies WritersBeware who lies and libels individuals and companies here day in day out has not answered a single point I made but responded with abuse and pleas to ban a legitimate posters raising valid posts.

Students and writers - who on earth woul you trust the ravings of a person like WritersBeware - whi anyway, represents the company ********* so has a vested interest in attameting to sabotage other companies' businesses. Oh YES!

If this site were legitimate, WritersBeware would have been banned years ago for vomiting her lies and libel and slander on here in contravention of the RULES OF THIS FORUM.

MOD - why do you not ban WritersBeware? Thius site is a nothing, so I do not care if you do or do not, but she does break the rules here EVERY SINGLE DAY! Why do you do nothing eh? Interesting eh...

Oh yeah - she'd your lickle friend so you never will no matter how much she lies on here. THEREFORE this site is a SCAM and should NEVER be believed by anyone. SHAME!


Now let's all wait for the vitrial and paranoid abuse from the resident loonie WriterBeware. YOU SAD BINT!

Feb 23, 2010 | #11
The doctors have decided to release it from the straightjacket for a couple of days. That's nice.

LOL, nutcase!


Feb 23, 2010 | #12
Behaviour is a negative reflection upon reed. They need to be alerted and the evidence supporting ID, presented. Telemarketing is boring ... dismissal won't be so bad :)

Feb 23, 2010 | #13
As I predicted, the deluded, psychotic liar WritersBeware posts her virtiol and abuse again.

Just as well everyone always ignores the moron. Shame she can't spell though (STRAIGHTjacket? Retard!) - but hey, she is from New Jersey (where her company ********* is based).

WRT is similarly challenged in his retarded level of English. Me speaky In-gwish with low level of reed negative refrect alert evidence boring ;)...

WHAT A PAIR OF LOONIES! What abusive disgusting filth you are - but predictably so. You sicken all decent people with your insults against anyone who posts here on what you erroneously think is your little private forum. Now take your medication and go away, you sad excuses for human beings. Ugh...


I am sorry you had to be abused and insulted by the usual scum on this site - which is not, as you may have thought, a reliable or trustworthy site, but rather a place where losers trade insults. Good luck with you assignment and hope everythig at hospital works out.

Feb 23, 2010 | #14
The loon read this:
Behaviour is a negative reflection upon reed. They need to be alerted and the evidence supporting ID, presented. Telemarketing is boring ... dismissal won't be so bad :)

and processed it as follows:
Me speaky In-gwish with low level of reed negative refrect alert evidence boring ;)...

Brilliant :)

Why did you assume that I was talking to you? Why should Reed mean anything to you? I thought you weren't She, who shall not be named.

The certified is in the classified.

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