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I need a legit assignment writing service! ASAP

Oct 04, 2007 | #1
I need to find a legit service that will not plagarize. I want the paper to be at a caliber that is worthy of Graduate and Undergrad work that could be turned in. I will probably be using it as a reference to get started but if I use portions I want to be sure I'm covered. Also is there a service or site I can where I can check plagarism?

Please help

Oct 10, 2007 | #2
Hello.... I was just looking for some information I need for my essay and the web brought me here... I actually used writing services online several times... My friend recomended me I was in emergency and had to get my paper written in 3 days.... I was pretty much surprised when I got a grade i wanted for the paper I got from I was extremelly worried about plagiarism thing... But it went smoothly here... So you might want to try this one... I have a discount for this web site.. If you feel you want to try, just write me to my e-mail Good luck...

Oct 10, 2007 | #3
You are not fooling anyone, "Sarah"! is owned by,, and from Ukraine. They engage in fraud, deception, misrepresentation, false identity, copyright infringement, plagiarism, and unfair employment.



Oct 10, 2007 | #4
Also is there a service or site I can where I can check plagarism?

use an internet search engine like google. go through the paper, pick out phrases with unusual word choices, copy and put in the search window. repeat a few times. it's a free, relatively useful way of checking for plagiarism.

sarah, your post has zero credibility.

Oct 15, 2007 | #5
Looking at this and similar sites, the two problems students face when looking to buy an essay are:

1) The essay itself has been plagiarised, so the student can get caught out for plagiarising even if they did not intend to do so. Lavinia's advice on this is probably the only practical advice here, other than 'find a reputable site', which is easier said than done.

2) The student pays up front and has no effective redress if the essay provided is sub-standard, late etc. Effectively, the student carries the risk, which no doubt deters lots of people from using these services. In most areas of business, the supplier takes this risk and there is good evidence that most customers are honest (see the example in Freakonomics about the 'honesty box'). Why do companies in this sector not do the same? For me, this is not an academic question, as I have just set up a website offering exactly this service - payment on satisfactory completion for smaller jobs; ditto for larger jobs, but with an interim payment on proof that substantial work has already been completed. No doubt someone will accuse me of shameless plugging and breaking this site's rules, but I believe that what I am offering is unique. (In case anyone is interested, the service I offer is very specific - essays on modern history, with the UK market in mind - and my website is

Oct 15, 2007 | #6
No doubt someone will accuse me of shameless plugging and breaking this site's rules,

well, yeah. duh, you are. in all honesty, i don't care much about your breaking of the rules. the mod will remove your post or not remove your post regardless of what i post here.

however, you have to understand that making this your first post destroys any credibility you are hoping to have. if you were someone who has been around the board for a while, who has contributed to past discussions, then maybe your post's credibility could survive the initial shock of breaking the rules. by making this your first post, you are clearly communicating that you only came to this board to pimp your services and just posted to the first thread where you thought you could slip it in.

Oct 28, 2007 | #7
Ha ha ha, what you are looking for doesn't exist. No-one else cares whether or not you graduate, no-one cares if the work is good quality, that is why it is YOU who graduates. Get an excellent tutor, read the books, go to lectures, go to seminars, think a bit, reflect a bit, write a bit. That is how I got my three degrees. Wakey takes work!

Oct 28, 2007 | #8
Say goodbye to your biased posts that having nothing to do with this forum.

Nov 26, 2010 | #10
How many times do I have to type this before people finally get it through their skulls?


This rule is in place to:

1. prevent easily fooled customers from getting scammed by the resident fraudsters;

2. maintain the non-commercial, SPAM-free nature of this forum.

Dec 01, 2010 | #12
Merged topic:
need a legit company!! ASAP


i have a literature review due in feb, and i have found a few companies online etc and sent of queries and been given different prices, but i am scared that i will get scammed. im a bit weary of parting with a large amount of money lol

i would be so grateful if someone with experience of using certain companies cud pm me details etc


Dec 11, 2010 | #15
1. Highlight.

2. Click "Quote."

Dec 20, 2010 | #17
"there are no legitimate services out there"!!!????

Prove it.

Tell us about your experiences with all the writing services in the industry.

Sweeping statements such as yours are illogical and erroneous.

Dec 20, 2010 | #18

there is no legit essay writing services out there. I learnt it the hard way. The only legit service is yourself.

My ten year long experience differs. It's true that many big sites are scams, but do you honestly think, as a matter of economic plausibility, that talented writers WOULDN'T be looking for this kind of work?

Dec 20, 2010 | #19
there is no legit essay writing services out there.

You're an idiot. That is all.

Jan 20, 2011 | #22
why dont you try I tried them a week ago and the offer, Neat, Authentic, Non plagiarized work and their customers support is excellent.

Wow. They offer rates as low as $2/page. Meaning their writers--their "highly qualified professional writers" are making $1/page at most on these orders. And $6-7/page (at most) on standard orders where the charge is $13.95/page. Not a chance these companies are paying unqualified individuals working in third-world (or near third-world) countries to churn to largely plagiarized essays....nah, that would be too weird.

Care to provide some ownership info, WB?

Jan 23, 2011 | #23
Good writers look for work, period. I am fairly new to this type of writing and all the companies I have talked to as a writer have been a bit suspect. They dont really treat writers very well and the prices paid to writers are not fair... at all...

Jan 23, 2011 | #24
Good writers look for work, period

Good writers find good work pretty quickly.

Jan 23, 2011 | #26
You're the one who used the word first, buddy, and its subjectivity has nothing to do with the point at hand.

Jan 23, 2011 | #27
You changed the topic (I think, to insult me?). I was happily adding to a discussion. It was a pity it was a point you made. I am going to leave your issues and concerns with you. Please move on with your posting and reading, I will do the same and do my best to avoid you.

Jan 23, 2011 | #28
You changed the topic

No, I responded precisely to the portion of your post that I quoted. You said good writers look for work, I told you that good writers find work. Are you really that thick?
I was happily adding to a discussion

our comment added nothing of substance to a discussion that was already dead.
It was a pity it was a point you made.

This makes no sense.
I am going to leave your issues and concerns with you

Where else would they be? Your ESL tendencies really start to come out when you're angry.
do my best to avoid you

I would recommend you stop SPAMMING, then.

Jan 23, 2011 | #29
Dear HarvardWriter, your wrestling with Pheelyks apart, s/he is right about the fact that good writers can find good work quickly. So, as you (presumably) are a good writer, you should find work for yourself. Now, as for the fact that you're a newcomer in this field, all I can suggest is do a substantial research on this forum and I am sure you will find pretty many ideas, ways to move on to find good companies. Good luck!

Jan 23, 2011 | #30
good writers can find good work quickly

Not that you would know from personal experience....

Jan 23, 2011 | #31
Care to provide some ownership info, WB?

iQuanja, Inc.
Vince Nian (
BOX 41272
New York, NY 10003

I think good is relative and subjective...

Not in your case . . . .

Jan 24, 2011 | #33
You changed the topic (I think, to insult me?).

newbies are rarely welcome on professional boards, unless they are potential clients.

if you don't believe me, try going to a resource frequented by linux fans and ask a noob question.
though it is quite possible that someone will write custom drivers for you and walks you through the process of installation, it is highly likely that they call you a lamer and suggest that you kill yourself

Jan 26, 2011 | #35
there's no recipe that would apply to every other case

if you choose to go with a company:

1) check the website copy;
2) have a chat with support service or give them a call

if you choose to deal with a freelancer:

1) check the work samples;
2) ask to briefly list their views on your paper (2-3 sentences or a short itemized list)

if you feel that something is wrong while doing the preliminary verification, don't hesitate to quit

Feb 24, 2011 | #37
if the materials on a website are full of mistakes, the chances to get a good piece of writing from this website shrink.

if you find something like "if you get an "f", we'll refund you 50%" in their tos, this means that they admit the possibility of providing you with some trash.

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