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Anyone used, or

lilcyn 1 | -  
Apr 13, 2012 | #1
Has anyone used any of those sites? I'm very struggling with my dissertation at the moment and my deadline is very soon, these sites offer urgent services and can deliver work in a couple of days so I thought to ask one of them to help. Currently I cannot find any comments about them on internet so please share some comments if you had experiences with them. Thanks.
fazlikazak - | 6   Student
Apr 15, 2012 | #2
did you try the search engine?
nazz231 - | 5   Student
Oct 07, 2013 | #3
hi guys,

Just want to let you know that DISSERTATIONMOJO is the shi*test website to order any work. i have suffered quite badly after paying such a huge money and getting the shittest quality work which doesn't make sense at all. so before you even think about ordering any work from this website let me tell you as an experienced suffered customer that they talk all bullshit on how great the service is blah blah and all those feedback which is basically written by themselves, and most important they are bloody freshy who can't even write english properly. so guys if you want to waste your money then do so but for those please think twice.
MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Oct 13, 2013 | #4
Sorry to learn about your bitter experience.

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