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Has anyone used writers-write.co.uk

KavitaRamdeen 1 | -   Student
Apr 23, 2012 | #1
Hi. Has anyone used the above mentioned website? If so please let me know. I need my dissertation done, but i'm afriad i'll be giving it in the wrong hands. Let me know ASAP. Thanks :)
klosegoal 1 | 27   Freelance Writer
Apr 25, 2012 | #2
There will always be this danger until your start doing the work yourself.:) I bet even Shakespeare would not be able to produce quality papers if he ever was to work for these writing companies:)
Apr 25, 2012 | #3
You're an idiot, but that's not exactly "breaking news."
klosegoal 1 | 27   Freelance Writer
Apr 25, 2012 | #4
I know in your country, every ordinary incident passes for a breaking news. You are a third-world-born sucke*
rkg - | 1   Student
Apr 30, 2012 | #5

I got a paper written from them, which I failed!
In contrast with their claims, they run away at the mention of a refund.

Horrible experience
exact 1 | 36  
May 14, 2012 | #6
Do not use it...bad experience

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