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John3 1 | 1  
Sep 01, 2009 | #1
Can anyone tell about (dissertationsandassignments)?
undertow2 4 | 100  
Sep 01, 2009 | #2
Quite a few small grammar and syntax errors on their homepage, but not as many as is often the case. They seem more reputable than your average Ukrainian job, but that's not saying much. However, there are a lot of niggling little errors on their site, not enough to damn them, but even a couple of errors is bad for a site supposedly selling its wares in academic writing. If you go ahead, I'd be interested to hear how it goes.
patronus 1 | 6  
Sep 03, 2009 | #3
checking the site out, i think theirs is among the better ones to consider.
undertow2 4 | 100  
Sep 03, 2009 | #4
Based on what? Even some of the Ukrainian scam sites are more impressive.
OP John3 1 | 1  
Sep 03, 2009 | #5
Here , i need help for my project.....no fight
pls if this site goes well ...that's fine

I dont want try any more....i need ur experince about it.
thanks again
undertow2 4 | 100  
Sep 15, 2009 | #6
Fastcustomessays.com is a known bolloxsite, spamming the boards here with promotions. There are good essay sites out there (no recommendations allowed, of course), but fastcustomessays.com isn't one of them.

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