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Dollar value very low, ordering from American companies?

Mag23 1 | -  
Apr 11, 2008 | #1
I live in the UK. I was wondering if it makes sense to order papers from US-based companies? The value of dollar is all-time low.. But do their writers know how to use the British English?
Major 38 | 1,346 ☆☆☆☆  
Jul 15, 2013 | #2
Yes, all legit companies work with both US and UK-based academic freelance writers. From a financial point of view it makes sense to order your example essays from a reputable US-based company; that way you can save up to 30%.
sutton - | 1  
Oct 15, 2013 | #3
You can order from Ukrainian companies! They have competitive prices and a good quality of services!
Major 38 | 1,346 ☆☆☆☆  
Oct 15, 2013 | #4
Thanks for the update. Which Ukrainian essay services do you find reliable?
MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Oct 18, 2013 | #5
Brown* Corporation I guess :-p
Vanessa wilson - | 1   Freelance Writer
Oct 21, 2013 | #6
Currency exchange formula is used in it,
Smiley73 2 | 251 ☆☆  
Sep 16, 2017 | #7
@Mag23 As a private writer with almost 3 decades experience, I can tell you that being able to write in both American and British English is practically a job requirement. I don't know about the other writers here who have worked with UK based clients but, I always make sure that I click on the right English type box in my document encoder. I have to make sure that the proper English spelling is used for specific types of papers. The spell checker helps me to make sure that I am spelling the word in the correct form (British or English) and that the paper is formatted in the correct manner as well. I will be the first to admit that aside from learning how to spell in British, I also went the extra mile to familiarize myself with British and European culture, history, and current events. I did that all in an effort to ensure that I would do justice to the papers that came my way from British or other European clients. So when a client used to come to me from the UK, either privately or through my academic writing company partner, I was always able to provide the required type of writing and formatting that the student needed for the paper.

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