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It's all about how to find a good writer, so HOW?

lukasisavime 1 | 2   Student
Mar 24, 2012 | #1
After doing excessive research about costume essay writing, I have concluded that it's not so much about which website you choose (although I do acknowledge that there are scam "companies") but rather which writer you choose/are given, So my dilemma is how to reach a good writer; which site to use and which writer to ask for? I realize there are many talented writers on this site (FreeLancer etc.) but that they, unfortunately, are not allowed to give information where they work or how to privately ask them. So plz, good people of the forum, acknowledge this question as a desperate cry for help from a struggling student.

I read an overwhelmingly large number of stories about people who got a crappy essay for some insane amounts of money, I don't want to be one of them. Also whenever I thought I stumbled up on a legit and reputable website, I found some other raging posts against it. I hope you see the kind of a predicament I found myself in.

I am open to any and all points of information,
Northwind Essays 1 | 28   Company Representative
Mar 24, 2012 | #2
Most companies will allow you to request a writer for repeat business. However, writers are not always available. Even when contacting independent entities, there are sometimes extenuating circumstances. Your best shot is to find someone you trust, by a process of trial and error.

Btw - there was a related question posted by a student:

what is the right way to find legitimate thesis writer?

"Hi, I was looking for help on Master Thesis. All sites I find on Google are listed here. Thanks a lot for such work, especially to WB! Just seems the right way is to find writer or consultant and contact direct.

My mother tongues are Russian and Finnish. My first foreign is French, English is my 4th language, so please forgive some style & grammar mistakes :). My MBA program allows thesis on Russian or English. My comprehension level is higher than writing skills since luck of experience (TOEIC 800+). The subject is Knowledge Management, ca 80% of books translated from English with too wide terminology difference from originals. Using Russian authors you never know how original those thoughts or researches are, often this is just author interpretation of originals. I would like to conduct the research on KM in USA companies. By known reason I do not trust any Russian site."

OP lukasisavime 1 | 2   Student
Mar 24, 2012 | #3
I appreciate the advice, but what do you mean "a process of trial and error"? Perhaps if I had an unlimited income of money this would be possible, but unfortunately I am just a student who has to save up in order to to hire someone to write a QUALITY essay. By saying trial and error, you're basically implying that I should pay every unknown writer an equal amount of money until I would find out which one is actually good for my very specific topic. Also, many people on this site have had good and bad experiences with writers, why go through the same hellish journey they did when a simple advice would be perfectly sufficient.

Oh and I need to finish a 16 page in depth essay, which would mean paying every one of those writers (****** or not) 400-700 $... Damn, if I was able to do that I wouldn't need school, I'd be rich :)
d652482 - | 16   Freelance Writer
Mar 24, 2012 | #4
Hmm.. really I think you'll just have to rely on finding a good company. I'm not aware of any that are set up to have, say, a list of profiles for all their writers listing qualifications, etc., for you to pick from.

As far as I know, the model most all of the sites use is that you submit your request, interested writers indicate that they want the assignment, and then some higher-up person chooses one of them. I've heard that some sites have a sort of 'Advanced Writer' designation that lets some writers automatically claim assignments.

I've only worked for one company so far. It has an actual office and a few of the higher-up people working onsite decide which interested writer gets an assignment. I'm pretty sure academic qualifications factor into their decision to some extent, though I've never requested something way outside of my expertise (I stick to the humanities, so I don't request e.g. finance assignments) so I can't say for certain. They do email/call me to make sure I have access to any specific books/documents required as sources so they can get the client to scan and send if not, so it seems like they're careful with it. They also factor in a writer's track record for quality - someone looks over and manually approves everything before it goes to the client. That's probably the best model you can hope for until you're a repeat client and want to request whoever did your last paper.

So best of luck! My advice would be to call (on the phone) any companies you're considering and ask about how they will ensure you get a qualified writer. If you can't get in touch or they can't give a satisfying answer, keep looking.
Northwind Essays 1 | 28   Company Representative
Mar 25, 2012 | #5
You don't have to order 16 pages at once. Order a one page outline or summary first, and see how it goes.
CaliBiz - | 14  
May 11, 2012 | #6
The thing about all these companies is that they have tons of freelance writers working for them. Some are truly good writers and do this for a living, while others barely speak English and insist on stealing your money.
OP lukasisavime 1 | 2   Student
May 11, 2012 | #7
Haven't been here in a while, anyway I just thought I'd post on update on my issue. After I spent some time searching for a good private writer, I got a few e-mails from independent writers. I asked all of them if they are natives and which degrees they have, and after a process of careful selection I chose one that seemed mostly qualified. So far we've been having a good cooperation and he has delivered everything on time. So my suggestion for finding a good writer is not to use an essay company, but going through a process of elimination. In fact to get started, just make a post that you are looking for a writer, you'll get tons of PM's from various private writers.

Good luck!

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