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Foreign essay writing company representatives are not fooling anyone when they...

Jul 03, 2012 | #1
- Use full English (FAKE) names, for example: John Martins, when their "representative" posts something online
- Post FAKE founded date of their fraudulent websites
- Post FAKE positive reviews of their website (and negative reviews of their competition websites)
- Post US/UK toll-free or fabricated local phone numbers which can be bought by any fraudster online
- Claim they operate a company (owning a scamming website != owning a company)
- Claim their website is associated with legit organizations
- Claim they work with native English speakers (when in fact they only hire ESL writers)
- Claim their writers have "advanced degrees" when in fact most of them are foreign high-school or college students (at best)
- Claim their customer satisfaction ratio is "95%" or more
- Claim their websites are 100% secure (by uploading FAKE "secure" logos and graphics)
- Claim their customers receive something "For Free" and save $x
- Claim their customers can receive a custom-written 50-page paper in 12 hrs or even less
- Claim they never resell their essays (when in fact they resell them sooner than later)

Anything else?
Jul 03, 2012 | #2
which website scammed you?
Jul 03, 2012 | #3
A couple from the DND list (Ukrainians). I wouldn't have a problem if they were straightforward with me about their real operations before I ordered. But that was not the case.
Jul 04, 2012 | #4
I think forums like this is great for exposing these websites that rip people off.
Jul 04, 2012 | #5
I think so too, especially ones like ET, which of course is now on the DND list. I'm not done with them yet, though, you can count on that.
Jul 04, 2012 | #6
I'm not done with them yet, though, you can count on that.

You've said this or something similar in many threads--what happened, and what good is it to keep making threats here?

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