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Not Geniune or a Bad Service? How to determine the company!

alishaceilava 2 | 2   Company Representative
Sep 15, 2012 | #1
Well, one of the things that I was thinking lately is that how to distinguish between a non-genuine and low quality service companies. For instance, a client gets a work, but it is of low quality or over priced... should the client consider the company as non-genuine or should it be considered at low performing or low quality providing company.

What my point is that if a company is giving you a bad service in the draft, but they are excellent in correspondence, They do revisions for you, fulfill their guarantees, in case of unable to meet the guarantees they give back your money or what-ever promises they have made. What should be that particular company be categorized in as a non-genuine or a low performing.

I have been observing many companies here which are considered as scam or non-genuine but in actual they are just low performing. What do you think?
andywoods57 1 | 93   Freelance Writer
Sep 16, 2012 | #2
Low performance can also be linked to low pay. If you are paying a writer very low you can't expect a very high grade assignment.
ProfessorVerb    33 | 806 ☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Sep 17, 2012 | #3
Every situation is unique. When you write a lot of papers, some will be better than others and the chances of some clients being dissatisfied therefore increases. Conversely, more clients will also be delighted. Consequently, judging the quality of a service in general requires work from more than one writer, but if you are happy (or unhappy) with the work product, that's a mighty fine place to start. Writing good research papers can be tough sometimes, and some clients are complete morons who can't put two words together and blame you for everything that's wrong in their lives. Jeez -- I hate those clients. These types of people will likely claim they were robbed but we all know there are two sides to every story -- and we get paid to write about them.
Helenrob 1 | 91   Freelance Writer
Sep 19, 2012 | #4
All is based on luck in this industry.
andywoods57 1 | 93   Freelance Writer
Sep 20, 2012 | #5
If you are lucky enough you will get a good writer within one writing website and sometimes when the work load is more writers with low caliber also get work

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