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dolly92 1 | -   Student
Apr 14, 2012 | #1
hi, i'm seriously thinking about ordering an essay for my contract law. would really appreciate any information regarding this company from anyone who has used them, i.e., how good the essays were, did you get the grade you ordered, did you have to fix anything. would mainly be looking at an essay i can change around and only use for guidance because i don't have time to do the research or structure.

thank you so much

also - if you don't want to talk about this on the forum, PM would be fine, I just want to make sure i get honest responses. thank you :)
fazlikazak - | 6   Student
Apr 15, 2012 | #2
Have you searched the other sites?
Kat777 - | 8   Student
Feb 28, 2013 | #3
Hi Dolly, I have also looked at them, did you place your order with them?
theessays - | 53   Company Representative
Feb 28, 2013 | #4
is it British Law?
Kat777 - | 8   Student
Feb 28, 2013 | #5
Yes it is
theessays - | 53   Company Representative
Feb 28, 2013 | #6
When do you need the work by?
odam3aho - | 4   Student
Feb 28, 2013 | #7
they seem reliable .. if they are willing to meet in person and talk about your requirement then it's more of do they have the right person with the background on the paper requested.

good luch
Kat777 - | 8   Student
Mar 01, 2013 | #8
By the 10th of March. Although I'm not sure about using a company now, as after reading a lot of the comments I have realised it does not seem to offer you a better service or guarantees. I am considering taking a chance and looking for a local writer.
odam3aho - | 4   Student
Mar 01, 2013 | #9
kat777 , please if you find any local writer who is good at his job let me know as I'm in dire need of one.

Kat777 - | 8   Student
Mar 01, 2013 | #10
Hi odam3aho
I am also new to this site, but today found essaychat - which is located in a drop down box on the top left hand of your screen - where you can post a message for writers to contact you. Hope this helps & good luck with your search

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