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Legit Academic Writing... My personal payment/exchange process.

braiden992 2 | 1  
Sep 22, 2010 | #1
I have been a professional academic writer for several years and have run into my fair share of clients who have been scammed by large websites and craigslist postings. Unless I am handling a request within my niche, it's damn near impossible to conduct the preliminary research and gain the understanding needed to write a typical junior or senior-level essay. Anyone arguing otherwise is highly suspect. Further, if you are interested in working with a writer off craigslist, do not pay 50% upfront. It's a strong indicator that the poster is either a rookie or looking to scam students. Another issue that is important to consider, and may be one of the reasons students are caught cheating even though their essays are original, is making sure the writer uses the same academic databases that your institution provides. If I have access to project muse or jstor and you don't, it's a red flag. In addition, it is important that you discuss your course and share lecture notes so your writer is able to appropriately frame the essay within the scope of your class. There are dozen different ways to write about any one topic, and if I unknowingly introduce an angle that hasn't been discussed, especially if it's advanced, then there's another red flag.

I strongly recommend the payment/exchange process that I use.

1). New clients pay 15% of the total upfront

2) Once a client requests random samples for review and they prove to be satisfactory, only then do I send the invoice for the remaining balance.

3) Once payment is received, the essays in your mailbox. You should demand these guidelines! It's also nice if the writer provides his or her cell number and sends you progress updates or is available to answer or ask questions.

Best of luck to all of you who are trying to survive college!
Dapper Dan 1 | 4  
Sep 22, 2010 | #2
OP braiden992 2 | 1  
Sep 22, 2010 | #3
As there are so many independent academic writers, I have only heard of one or two.
kabbymoh - | 30   Freelance Writer
Apr 28, 2012 | #4
Braiden, this seems to be really sound advice. I write for one website at the moment but I've put myself out there to get work independently...on Craigslist, Vivastreet & Gumtree, for example. But nothing seems to being coming through. Perhaps students have just been scammed too much in the past and have decided to only go through the established websites. Where would you recommend that I advertise for freelance academic writing jobs? Ta.
Apr 28, 2012 | #5
I have an idea! Instead of spamming on two-year-old threads in a desperate attempt to get clients, you only chime in when you actually have something useful to say?
kabbymoh - | 30   Freelance Writer
Apr 28, 2012 | #6
I didn't even realise how old the thread was; and I'm not looking for clients on here...I am asking for advice on where's the best place to advertise my services. Isn't this a forum for writers to discuss issues and help each other? I really don't think there's a need for your tone, pheelyks.
Apr 28, 2012 | #7
Isn't this a forum for writers to discuss issues and help each other?

It's not a place for advertisements or recommendations, and if all you need is advice there really isn't a need to post useless crap in many different threads at once, is there?

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