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Online research sites with legitimate research sources

writer156 1 | 1   Freelance Writer
Apr 29, 2012 | #1
Can anyone recommend good online research sites that provide the kind of research sources acceptable in academic papers?
FSR - | 47   Freelance Writer
Apr 29, 2012 | #2
Try google scholar:

If you search through and click on the articles with PDFs you can get a lot of journal articles for free. However, many of the articles without a PDF link are just abstracts and require payment to obtain the full version. Worth a search though.

Hope that helps.
OP writer156 1 | 1   Freelance Writer
Apr 29, 2012 | #3
Cascade 1 | 8   Company Representative
Sep 25, 2012 | #4
Avoiding Wikipedia. How about and - reliable sources?

I have often received strict instructions from my clients to avoid using Wikipedia for data mining as they consider it as an unreliable source of information. But what about and Can they be considered reliable? Should they be used as resources for Academic works?
andywoods57 1 | 93   Freelance Writer
Sep 25, 2012 | #5
I don't think or are considered academia level references and often they are found to be inaccurate.
FSR - | 47   Freelance Writer
Sep 25, 2012 | #6
No in a word, most tutors would look down on these as sources and they certainly wouldn't be considered to have academic integrity.
srandrews 12 | 143   Observer
Sep 25, 2012 | #7
Wikipedia and ehow are good for leading you to other sites, but not as sources themselves. is not very useful for academic research.
Smiley73 4 | 383 ☆☆  
Oct 06, 2017 | #8
Normally, professors consider any information coming from a .edu address as academically acceptable. They used to accept .org sites as well but when those url extensions started to become questionable they struck that address from the list as well. Unless, the .org address is one that is already widely known and accepted as a reputable source. Most of the usual suspects when it comes to research are already online so finding legitimate sources are not that difficult to accomplish anymore. However, one needs to be careful when dealing with formerly reputable sources such as,, and other related news media outlets due to the proliferation of fake news. What was reputable before is questionable these days. So the traditional research avenues online are now suspect as sources of information. Professors these days are no longer stingy about giving their students a list of acceptable resources at the start of the term It would be best to ask the professor directly regarding his "verified" list of research websites, just to avoid confusion and questions when the time comes.

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