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Oxbridge Essays refund issue

Axel 1 | -  
Mar 27, 2010 | #1
Due to complications with my order, the 'Director of Sales' at Oxbridge Essays (oxbridgeessays.com) agreed to give me a £100 refund on my order - that was on 8 March 2010.

Initially I was told that the refund would be processed on Friday 12 March... but no refund was processed. Then the 'Director of Sales' said Friday 19 March but again no refund was processed.

I've e-mailed the company but still have no notification of a refund or indication of when they might get round to processing it.

Has anyone managed to get a promised refund from this company?

Problem solved :) Really good essay - just wish they'd sort their admin side a bit better.
Apr 01, 2010 | #2
Happy that you are pleased with the essay. We had no great impression of this company earlier. A lot of stories floating around.
beenscammed 1 | 5  
Apr 25, 2010 | #3
OXBRIDGESSAYS - I only had terrible experience with them. NEVER AGAIN! owned Philip and James Malamitinas
Jul 05, 2010 | #4
Firstly, it is only a very small minority of clients who request a refund, the majority being more than happy with the work received and the service provided. Indeed, our alterations period, which we offer free of charge, tends to iron out any corrections the client wishes to have made to the work. Thus, when a client does make a complaint, we take this very seriously. We pride ourselves on ensuring our essays are tailor-made to each client's requirements (unlike other academic services who store essays on a databank for use time and again) and, therefore, any request for a refund has to be looked into on an individual basis by our Quality Control department. This is why it can take some time for a refund to be processed. We do not take client complaints lightly as it is a matter of great importance to us that our clients enjoy their Oxbridge experience and believe it to have been beneficial. We will therefore, of course, approve all refund requests which we deem acceptable, and deal with these in a quick and efficient manner. Administratively, when dealing with bank payments, one has to remember that it can take a number of days for payment to clear into bank accounts (particularly if they are international accounts), and that we also do not process payments over the weekend or Bank Holidays. Thus, delay is not necessarily down to 'poor administration'. As stated before, we take all refund requests with the utmost sincerity, and pride ourselves on producing both the highest quality of work and most efficient of services.
babel3 - | 2  
Mar 15, 2011 | #5
Hi. I am currently in the middle of an order with Oxbridge Essays. I was supposed to get half of the work halfway through the period leading up to my deadline. What I received was not half of the work at all but a quarter of it! It was also of very poor quality. Most of it didn't make any sense. Also spoke to the writer, who seemed to know very little about my subject. Don't even think it was the writer - sounded like someone I had already spoken to from the office. I'll update my blog once I've received the finished piece. In the meantime be wary of TORG.
Mar 15, 2011 | #6
If it's this bad now, why not cancel and ask for a refund?
babel3 - | 2  
Mar 22, 2011 | #7
Got essay. Appears to be of good quality. I just wish they'd sort out their customer service side a little better

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