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philosophywriters.com IS A SCAM

boomjamcountry 1 | 2  
Dec 25, 2008 | #1
I paid for over $100 an essay and it got me an F. They ignored ALL of my instructions for the paper, so I have to take the class over again. Please, avoid this site at all costs. I've tried to get some sort of compensation from them, but I have gotten the run around. Now, maybe this is because of the Christmas season, but I'm betting not. The best bet is to do your own work, I guess.
trymedave - | 63  
Dec 25, 2008 | #2
It is really sad to know what happened to boomjam.....The writing Business has been around for quite sometime now and there is no denying this that it is full of cheats, but just because of a few people we should not conclude that this industry is one big scam. There are very good sites around too, may be you just tried one bad website this is why research is extremely important. You can go through this website to know more about genuine websites or you can mail me at trymedave@gmail.com

I will let you know a couple of trusted websites.
akuma 3 | 58  
Dec 25, 2008 | #3
you deserved it.
alice 2 | 62  
Dec 26, 2008 | #4
I suggest anyone to deal only with registered companies, as only they will be concerned about their reputation and you can take them to court if something goes wrong....
Dec 26, 2008 | #5
I will let you know a couple of trusted websites.

Never trust a single word from new members who sign-up just to offer recommendations for their OWN sites, which completely violates the rules of this forum.
MAK 3 | 121  
Dec 27, 2008 | #6
hheheeh! Good work WB.....I smelt a rotten fish with in these first couple of posts as well! Might as well check their IP addresses eh?

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