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ProficientWriters.com appears legitimate?

JessD 6 | 32  
Feb 27, 2011 | #1
Greetings everyone,
I have been viewing the threads on this site for around three months now, and have finally decided to create an account. It has been fascinating resource for those who enjoy writing academic material and honing their skills. I have been surprised to see the amount of illegitimate writing sites out there--whose sole goal is to make a profit from cheating both clients and providers. In this vein, I was curious about proficientwriters.com. While it *appears* legitimate (from reading the threads on this site) I have learned that many fraudulent companies out there have great layouts. I utilized the search engine but, as of yet, have not found any information regarding their services. I was curious if anybody has had any personal experience with this company?

Thanks in advance
Feb 27, 2011 | #2
EW_writer 23 | 2,056 ☆☆☆  
Feb 27, 2011 | #3
There's also a chat where WB uncovered that the support personnel either did not know that the owner's Ukrainian or was lying about it.

Anyone who would like to infer upon whether or not this company is to be trusted based on the information given above are free to do so (you'd be morons of course, but hey.. don't let that stop you ^_^).
Feb 27, 2011 | #4

"Writing Assistance Agency"
5401 S. Kirkman Rd
Orlando, FL
United States

That's a load of crap. The "5401 S. Kirkman Rd" address is a virtual office:


Not satisfied with using only one fake address, the Ukrainian scammer advertises a second fake address:

USA Writing Solutions, LLC
4001 S Ocean Drive
Hollywood, FL 33019

That's also a load of crap. The "4001 S Ocean Drive" address (without a unit number) is that of a 309-condo building:


shriek - | 2  
Mar 01, 2011 | #5
Seemingly, there is no legit writing company. All companies I have known have been flagged, here or elsewhere. Isn't there any company with physical location in Canada? I would wish to work for a company that is located in Canada; this should make things easier for me in case of need for any legal action. And I am surprised individuals have mentioned being scammed hundreds of dollars by some companies. Why should you continue working when you've not received the little you've already worked for? Unless logic and reasonableness have escaped your head....desperation?
Mar 01, 2011 | #6
Seemingly, there is no legit writing company.

Seemingly, you didn't study the forum very closely at all before making that invalid statement.
shriek - | 2  
Mar 01, 2011 | #7
I have been following various topics on this site for some years now; given the fact that, as someone who travels heavily, I would wish to find a site that I can profitably invest my spare effort in, I have discovered that most sites I have heard of cannot pass through the sieve of the red flags identified here. Tell me the invalidity in my statement.
OP JessD 6 | 32  
Mar 01, 2011 | #8
Regards WritersBeware,
You do an amazing job on here, even if the environment here can be a little harsh? On that note thanks from a stranger who really appreciates your efforts! Regarding what Shriek said, while it's true that he made an invalid statement, the underlying theme is definitely...understandable don't you think? I mean, after having spent countless hours sifting, poring, and sieving through this forum--- I can only find two sites which offer a legitimate service. I understand that you write for SRN, but in actuality I guess it is kind of surprising that out of the 300+ sites which have been researched on this site, only 2 or three seem to have any basis in authenticity. I understand this--as you have said before--this is EssaySCAM not EssayAPPROVEDSITES, or any other such naming, but it can be disheartening I suppose. Maybe in some way I am a freak abberation, in that I really miss academic writing, and am looking for a forum/agency/etc. where one can hone their modest skills/
Mar 01, 2011 | #9
I guess it is kind of surprising that out of the 300+ sites which have been researched on this site, only 2 or three seem to have any basis in authenticity.

You need to pay more attention to your research. There are really only a handful of companies operating in this industry; all of them have many different websites. The scam sites especially run hundreds of different websites that all ultimately lead back to the same ordering portal, so when a customer is burned by one site they move on to the next thinking that they're going with a different company. This is why there are so many scam sites compared to legitimate ones.

That being said, legitimate sites also tend to operate multiple customer interfaces, or work with affiliates that operate their own sites but send a lot of orders to the central company. This is how SNR works, but it only has a few affiliates compared to the literally hundreds of websites the scam sites operate.
Mar 01, 2011 | #10
You do an amazing job on here, even if the environment here can be a little harsh? On that note thanks from a stranger who really appreciates your efforts!

Thank you.

I understand that you write for SNR

No, I don't.
OP JessD 6 | 32  
Mar 11, 2011 | #11
Well, that is interesting considering that you stated as much.

Proof that Alexey Vitchenko from Ukraine registered MasterPapers.com
Mar 11, 2011 | #12
Try reading the usernames of the posts to which you linked, moron.

, moron

Sorry about the "moron" part. I mistook you for another member who is a complete idiot.
PWWriter - | 1   Freelance Writer
Jan 10, 2012 | #13
I am a writer for ProficientWriters.com. I have finished numerous projects for them over the past few months. I can't vouch for the other writers, but I am a native speaker of English and have done well there. I've gotten some compliments and a couple complaints from high-school students too inarticulate to state clearly what they wanted.

I make about $10-$12 per page (never less, sometimes more) of double-spaced Times New Roman with one-inch margins and generous header-space per MLA format. Most of the assignments are 1-2 pages, but I have done a couple of $50 - $75 jobs as well.

Proficientwriters seems to be one of the better outfits, although I have learned to keep a close eye on my Amount Due page. Their non-fluent Support staff can be rude and unhelpful to the writers, and the process of getting selected to write a paper is not at all transparent.

I recently applied to BestEssays and passed their test (probably everybody does). But their page-rates are ridiculously low, $3 per page for difficult assignments. I would never write for them and will probably just let my account lapse.

My advice for people searching for a good writing service is to try to become a writer there yourself. If you succeed, check out their pay rates. If they are below $10 per page, don't touch them -- their writers will give you the quality they were paid to deliver, and they will in turn probably be ripped of by their company.

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