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Do you recommend any writing services company by name!!

Nov 10, 2010 | #1
Hi all,

I need your advice of which writing service company should I use if I need to do SPSS and maybe more?

Is there any writer here who can assist me on one to one instead of going through these writing companies?

Nov 14, 2010 | #2
How many times do I have to type this before people finally get it through their apparently thick skulls?


This rule is in place to:

1. prevent easily fooled customers from getting scammed by the resident fraudsters;

2. maintain the non-commercial, SPAM-free nature of this forum.
Nov 14, 2010 | #4
Nice retort, Syphilis.
Nov 22, 2010 | #11
I am a research analyst and have analysed several bunches of data using SPSS. Of late I dont work for any company as most did not keep their promises. I prefer dealing with clients one on one.
Nov 22, 2010 | #12
Mar 27, 2011 | #14
Merged topic:

Please this is a delicate situation

I really need to know which good companies are out there

I have contacted **** and they dont have the writer to help me but they are really good and straight to point

please no fake companies as i would easily detect this from

please urgent advice needed within the next few hours

UK based companies only
Mar 27, 2011 | #15
please delete

Actually I would need a reputable service also. How can we determine who is reputable if it can't be discussed?

I have a short speech to write.

May 11, 2011 | #18
Kael, are you an idiot?
Nov 11, 2011 | #21
i suppose offline and off-forum one could give any if someone really wanted a recommendation for a good writing companies (I as a writer only write through the company which sends me jobs) they would have to write me an email or look me up on a social nework. That's the professional way to do it. Ever thought of trying out a work or job network? Regards, Raffaella Cantillo
Nov 11, 2011 | #22
so if someone really wanted a recommendation for a good writing companies ...they would have to write me an email

I really don't think sending you an email is going to help anyone find a legitimate company.
Nov 11, 2011 | #24
You sound like a petulant kindergartener.
Nov 12, 2011 | #25
have been reading your post on all forums. and most of them are discouraging. you seem to attack all websites.
am a student in the uk and need to know if there are any legit writing services website as they are many. i have had alot of experiences and i keep getting scammed and ripped off.

am really sorry to bother you, but i thought if i could snd you a message maybe you could recommend the good ones to me? if you can that is..cos am a bit confused since everybody on the forum keeps attacking all the writing services websites :S

would be grateful if you acknowledge this.
May 04, 2012 | #28
My email is: Check out prestigio

They are a new essay site, they did excellent work for me. There owner Derek Wynne makes you feel as if you are a personal friend. They get away from the corporate essay website setup and do quality work. Prices are very reasonable, they discount for referring people, if you refer enough customers you can even get a free paper!
Sep 30, 2015 | #29
You can have writing services if you want some good quality work because they have experts with them. They can produce quality content for you as compared with any other random person. There is a company that deals with variety of writing services like blogs, article, essays and dissertation. I have my experience of working with them and it was great.

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