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Recommendation, but trying another

chris789 1 | 4  
Dec 15, 2007 | #1
First off, I am in the US and do not work for any companies. Just want to try to help others. I have used on numerous occassions for graduate work. I highly recommend them. But, they are expensive. Too save money, I am trying a new company called I will keep you posted.

Update on The deadline for the paper is 1 Jan 08. I have not received an update. I emailed them today and inquired to the status of the paper. I will keep you posted.

As of today, I have not received a response from my email I sent on Dec 15, 2007. Still waiting. Maybe they will respond after the holidays. The paper is not due until 1 Jan 08.
Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Dec 21, 2007 | #2
depending on the size of your paper, the writer may not have even started on it since the due date is so far off.

most writers check their work email at least once a day. i'd suggest sending another email if you are at all worried.
OP chris789 1 | 4  
Dec 30, 2007 | #3
Thanks for replying. I will keep you posted.
afeldm1 - | 2  
Dec 31, 2007 | #4
thanks for the info chris-I have been searching everywhere for 1 person on the planet to record a success story and recommend a place r graduate work but no one wants to do that...I personally used superior papers for 2 papers at the same time-1 was 1/2 decent and the other was completely bad-

I have heard ********* in legit although I'm not sure how they are with graduate level research papers-if you know

anyways about termpaperscorner-it seems to be in the fraudenlent list on this site-

essayfraud/forum/Fraudulent-Site-Keywords-t469.html&hl=term+ paper
Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Dec 31, 2007 | #5
chris quick question for you.

did you have any other problems with elephant essays that made you look elsewhere? i was just checking out their site and they charge about 21$ per page for graduate work with a 5 day deadline, which seems pretty reasonable. at that price, the writer would expect to make about 11-13$ per page, which is about as low as I'd find reasonable (from a writer's perspective).
OP chris789 1 | 4  
Jan 03, 2008 | #6

I did not have any problems with elephant essays. They did an outstanding job for me on numerous occassions. I recommend them highly. But, at $21 per page it can get expensive for the type of work I needed. Also note, they have writers from the US and the UK. At least this is what I was told when I spoke to them in the past.

Good Luck...

UPDATE on I was getting worried when I had sent emails and did not recieve a reply for an update on my paper. The paper arrived 1 day before the due date. I used EVE 2.5 and the paper came back relatively clean. I spent an hour editing the paper to fit my own style. I am very pleased. I would highly recommend. I am not sure what country the writers are from, but they did a good job.

I will keep you posted...
tanyatatiana - | 2  
Jan 05, 2008 | #7
thank you Chris. One I have received is good but the other is a complete scam !! I've been promised a new writer for my second essay, but the result is as bad as the first. When the writer replied to my complaints, it didn't even seem like they spoke proper English !!

You mentioned using EVE 2.5 on a term paper, what is it?
OP chris789 1 | 4  
Jan 06, 2008 | #8
EVE 2.5 is a plagirism checker.

Below is the link to the site where you can purchase the software.

I have received 3 projects from and have no complaints. Each paper needed only minimum editing.
whotogowith - | 4  
Jan 31, 2008 | #9
eve 2.5 - any problems with storage of the essay online and potentially being caught by turnitin?
victim939 - | 1  
Apr 07, 2008 | #10 is a Fraud!!!!!

If you see a website with this contact email ( )don't even think about wasting your money on their phony services. own another website called that's a fake as well. I learned that from this other website. This person experienced the same exact thing as me.

Term papers corner use paypal, so, I called paypal to get a refund they told me I can't get one.

The only truth that chris said was that they don't update the status. I emailed them numerous times asking them to update my status. No, comunication from them concerning my status. The only emails I got were them telling me someone was going to reply back to me shortly about my status. I never received a status update and my paper. I contacted them and asked them how come they haven't sent me my paper yet and they did not respond back. Basically, this Chris guy works for them and I believed they were going to send me that paper even if they did not notify me of the paper status. Basically, they were just toying with me. I don't expect to get my paper and a response back. Now I'm screwed because I could have done my paper instead of waiting for them. Now its too late. Bastards!!!!
Roger3 - | 2  
Aug 24, 2008 | #11

TRUST ME PEOPLE! ruined my life for good! Please listen to my story and learn from it. I used termpaperscorner only once and the experience gave me the biggest lesson of my life, and life long curse that i now have to live with!

I ordered a paper from with a seven day gap in-between. After seven days passed I did not hear from them but i kept waiting because my university deadline was still like four days after the 8th day after placing my order had passed I e-mail them and asked about my paper. I received no reply from them at all. The day before my paper was orginally due, some person by the name of 'WIK' replied and told me that they would send my paper within 6 hours. So I kept waiting and waiting and waiting. After 6 hours passed by i e-mailed them again and i received no reply. I was HARDLY able to get any sleep because I was so darn worried! Anyhow i kept e-mailing them and i received my paper, WITHOUT ANY PROOF THAT IT WAS PLAGIARISM FREE AS THEY CLAIM TO DO SO ON THEIR WEBSITE THAT THEY WOULD PROVIDE WITH PROOF THAT THEIR WORK IS PLAGIARISM FREE, an hour before my deadline. Anyways the paper turned out to be fine so I recommended that to three of my friends. TO MY BLOODY HORROR THEIR PAPERS TURNED OUT TO BE PLAGIARISM AND THEY WERE EXPELLED FROM THE UNIVERSITY! THEIR FUTURE IS RUINED AND THEY BLAME ME FOR IT! I HAVE NOOOOO FRIENDS NOW AND MY LIFE HAS PERMANENTLY BEEN RUINED BECAUSE OF TERMPAPERSCORNER.COM I REPEAT DO NOT USE TERMPAPERSCORNER.COM IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE EVENTUALLY!

Anyhow now I would like to make a very good recommendation for everyone out there because I have been through the MOST horrible experience EVER! As time passed by i tried forgetting all this and wanted to move on with my life after the horrible incident. As another semester started due to my lazyness i found i VERY hard to keep up with work and university i started searching for a good paper writing website through blogs, forums and everythin but one day i received an email in my inbox of some company custom paper point so anyways they were offering a VERY reasonable price of $5.99 so i decided to check it out....the prices were so darn reasonable but because of my last experience i was very very hesitant but then i thought the overpriced websites suck big time so why not take a chance on these people so i did and i placed an order with custom paper point as soon as i made the payment they sent me an e-mail within like 10 mins. informing me that my paper has been given to a writer and that i should not worry about it....i was quite impressed because this was a relief after the horried experience i had with term papers corner so anyways the next day i received another email from custom paper point saying that my research process had been started and that i will be informed when the research ends....afte a couple of hours i received an email telling me that the research has ended and now the writer is on page one of my paper......all through out the process they kept me posted because of which i was relaxed and did not have to worry about my paper except that i was concerned about the quality so anyways i received my paper 3 days in advance which gave me plenty of time to go through it and it was excellent! they provided me with the free plagiarism checking thingy they had promised but they had mentioned in their email that if they fail to provide with a free plagiarism checking thingy with the final order they would refund the full i inquired about my free plagiarism checking thingy and they apologized and gave me my full refund along with the free plagiarism checking experience with them was soooo great the first time it was almost unbelievable! i now place all my orders with them they are so darn reasonable and the quality is great...their customer service rocks. You know i inquired about the low prices and they explained to me that the other paper writing websites are INFACT overcharging because they really dont have ANY expenses attached with their business for them to overcharge customers the way they do....they told me that they charge less because they just want to run an honest business and feed their families and that they charge so low because paper writing services only need to pay the writers and they have no extra expense so after they pay the writer they keep their share so the overpriced websites are INFACT OVERCHARGING people.....i was mega impressed by their honesty. Their papers are great.....the quality is awsome...the price is just unbelievably reasonable....and their customer service is simply one you cant find anywhere at all!

please do not let other websites ruin your lives! be smart about your educational papers.....if u are going to get them done from some where get it done from honest people like custom paper point. I strongly recommend that to everyone! save your money....go take a vacation or somethin with the extra money u've been spendin on other useless term paper websites!
Aug 24, 2008 | #12
Hey,"Roger," you're no customer. What you are is a liar and a con-artist.

Your other SPAM posts were deleted by the moderator, and now you're using a new account to post the same garbage. This time, however, you've attempted to mask your blatant advertising of your horrible site,, by first bashing another site in the guise of a "customer." You DO realize that we've seen your type of fraud a thousands times, right?

Like you, is brand new trash. The site is about 10 minutes old, but has already established itself as a bogus, fraudulent enterprise that no consumer should trust. Take your lies and crooked schemes elsewhere.
Roger3 - | 2  
Aug 24, 2008 | #13
Ow please get a life you're trashing everyone who tries helping people. You're nothing but a freakin puppet to this website. I thought this was a genuine forum but apparently its not because of people like you. Anyways, I warned you all the choice is up to you! Writers Beware trashes each and every website except for *********.com clearly hes their puppet! :D

Aug 24, 2008 | #14
Anyways, I warned you all the choice is up to you!

Really? Through what other username did you "warn" me about exposing your scams?

"6. The EssayScam Forum is not a place for advertisements or publicity in any way."

Writers Beware trashes each and every website except for *********.com clearly hes their puppet!

If that's true, you should have no problem posting some proof. Well, where is it?
OP chris789 1 | 4  
Dec 21, 2008 | #15
First off, I do not work for, nor any other writing service. But, I will give you an update with my use of I have received some good papers and also some not so good. Two times I have had to ask for refunds and received both refunds promptly. One paper was did not pass and the other they could not complete. But, most of the time I get a good quality paper. It like going to McDonalds, most of the time you get what you want and occasionally you don't. But for the money and if you are not in a hurry is a good value. I recently used for a project. They did an outstanding job but was expensive.
boomjamcountry 1 | 2  
Dec 25, 2008 | #16
ha ha ha !!!!!
You asked for proof and it rendered Roger speechless!
Roger1223 - | 4  
Dec 25, 2008 | #17
Hey! Its Roger3. I had forgotten about this post but I was going through some stuff so I thought I'd just visit. I saw WritersBeware's post and decided to make a new username and password, since I had forgotten my previous one.

Anyho! As for your post, I NEVER implied that I warned YOU. Please read through the posts more attentively before replying. I only mean't that I have warned the people within the forum of how I feel about the services. Rest is obviously there own choice. I am not here to force anyone. Next time do read through the posts carefully!

As for the term paper writing thing. Well, I am still using custompaperpoint and they are still delivering according to my requirements. Um the only thing I can think of is that my paper's been late twice and other than that i'm pretty satisfied!

Dec 25, 2008 | #18
As for your post, I NEVER implied that I warned YOU.


Ow please get a life you're trashing everyone who tries helping people. You're nothing but a freakin puppet to this website. I thought this was a genuine forum but apparently its not because of people like you. Anyways, I warned you all the choice is up to you!

The proof is in the pudding. Read the post, genius. You addressed the post directly to me. Nice effort, but you're still a lying schmuck. = hot, steaming pile of ripoff garbage
Roger1223 - | 4  
Jan 05, 2009 | #19
You forgot to highlight ALL i said YOU ALL.. :) I think YOU have some serious attention seeking issues WritersBeware(NOW I am addressing directly to you. Notice the difference) Anyways, have a nice life! bubye!:D

Jan 05, 2009 | #20
Your "all" was part of the "choice" that you implied that I have: "all the choice."

Take a hike, simpleton. = hot, steaming pile of ripoff garbage
Roger1223 - | 4  
Jan 05, 2009 | #21
what! LOL youre just mincing words now. It was my post I know what I wrote so go to hell. Youre full of crap I tell you!

Besides you are no one important that I would take the time to directly address to you. Ow one more thing mr. know it all, if I wanted to DIRECTLY imply anything to you I wouldve clicked reply but I did not when I wrote that post. RIGHT NOW I AM DIRECTLY ADDRESSING YOU THEREFORE, I CLICKED REPLY TO POST THIS AND THE PREVIOUS TWO MSGS. but since THAT post was general in nature, I did not do so.
Jan 05, 2009 | #22
Roger1223 = idiot

Reading his illogical, grammatically-incoherent posts makes my eyes bleed.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Unfortunately, Roger1223 is very wasteful.
Roger1223 - | 4  
Jan 05, 2009 | #23
and unfortunately you're a sad lonely dumbass with no life outside of this foru! well newsflash I do! enjoy your pitiful life you miserable SAP! Bubyeeee! :D
Jan 05, 2009 | #24
Isn't it amazing the progress that scientists have made in the field of primate communication?
peterhopkins - | 1  
Feb 22, 2009 | #25
what are we talking about here ? : )
Feb 22, 2009 | #26
humble 2 | 264  
Feb 22, 2009 | #27
duetto 1 | 16  
Mar 22, 2009 | #28
Thanks Chris. I'm looking for a company to send my essays too- so might look them up
fedup2018 2 | 7  
Nov 26, 2010 | #29
Hey Writersbeware, tried to PM you, but couldn't.

See my post on termpaperscorner.

When I threatened to call my credit card company, they are sending me emails threatening me. Saying they have my name and address, and also will notify my college on me trying to get papers done!!!!

This guy is nuts. And it seems like he gets away with many frauds!

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