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Reliable UK based services?

amethyst 2 | 3  
Feb 19, 2009 | #1
Could someone kindly advise some UK based services? Please contact me at ********.

Many thanks.
alice 2 | 62  
Feb 20, 2009 | #2
Use this link: google.co.uk/search?hl=en&rlz=1T4GPTB_en-GBGB289GB290&q=%22regis tered+in+england+and+wales%22+custom+essays&btnG=Search&meta=

You will see there few companies. Check them, speak to them and go with the one you'll feel most comfortable about. Also don't forget to check their names on this forum.

Good Luck
OP amethyst 2 | 3  
Feb 25, 2009 | #3
Self-employed Writers are welcome as well. Thanks.
John D 1 | 1  
Feb 25, 2009 | #4
Do NOT use ukessays.co.uk
They did something really bad with my essay.
Good luck!
archiehope - | 1  
Feb 22, 2013 | #5
Need Writer to fix assignment I wrote


I'm a student at university in the UK and i've written my own 2000 word research proposal/lit review for one of my modules.

My tutor has told me its too generalised, so im looking for someone who can help me by adjusting it so it is better and also fix my referencing.

It isn't a big job to be fair and probably would be 750 words maximum.

If anyone can do this and will accept paypal please let me know.
i am UK Verified and can email me you from my uni email to verify am not a scammer.
Looking for a genuine decent writer!
PremiumPaperWriter    1 | 64   Freelance Writer
Feb 22, 2013 | #6
why not try tackling it yourself? you save the money and also gain valuable critical thinking experience

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