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where can i get an essay writing service? A good quality one.

Yanming 1 | 2  
Apr 12, 2011 | #1
Hi all,

newbie here!

I have been recently literally scammed by Yes, it is the sister website of and

The essay they provided is not what i really requested and they even declined my amendment request!

Most of all, my essay deadline is tomorrow morning 9am! ALL CREDIT GOES TO THEM :(

Trying to search for a good quality writer here who could help me with my coursework! It's a foundation business studies coursework so I guess it wouldn't take much time for professional writer?

Due to the short-time length, I'm willing to raise the payment. Please do reply me, really desperate here! I couldn't finished it in time on my own.
Apr 12, 2011 | #2

While I don't like the scam companies or their practices, I really hate it when customers think they can blame their academic failures on outside parties. What if you had ordered from a good company and the writer had made a mistake in creating your model essay? There wouldn't be any dishonesty, but you'd still be stuck waiting for a fix that may happen after your own essay is due. Your grades are your problem; this industry is here to help you, but we don't take responsibility for your academic success (or lack thereof).
OP Yanming 1 | 2  
Apr 13, 2011 | #3
I apologized for what I have said about the credit thingy, as I was quite astounded when the work turned out obviously not a good standard that I have paid a huge amount of. I made first request for amendment but no-one responsed, and the request was denied another day. When I make another request, no-one response as usual and I have to make calls, and they said that they need to give the researcher 48 hours to response. Until now, I'm still waiting for their reply.

And it seems that I'm not the only one who have this kind of experience. Quite disappointed though, since I thought I found a reliable company.

If only I could find a reliable writer without a company in between, so that we could communicate directly and efficiently.

It is not really all about my academic success, it is the trust that I have put on to.
Carly 1 | 152   Company Representative
Apr 14, 2011 | #4
Hi Yanming,

I work for All Answers and I'm very concerned to hear of your problems. It is not our intention to scam anyone, nor has it ever been. Sometimes the work a writer will produce might not match what you had in mind for it. This is why we have our free amendments period to help our customer's and writer's produce the best final work they can.

I do have a question for you; in your original post you say that you used I'm afraid this is not one of our sites and is not affiliated with All Answers Ltd. or Could you confirm the site you used? Also, I am happy to escalate your problems to our quality team, just post your order number in reply. Only post your order number, not any of your personal details or email address. If you ordered through one of our sites I will be able to find your order and hopefully help you.

All the best
Writeyourown - | 1  
Apr 17, 2011 | #5
What the frack??!??!?
Write your own freaken' essays
Kate_poster - | 13  
Apr 20, 2011 | #6
It's not allowed here to give recommendations, please, read the rules
Apr 20, 2011 | #7
SPAMMING also isn't allowed

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