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Contribution to the Writing Community (academic ghostwriting / plagiarism / ethics)

Aug 18, 2014 | #1
As a member of the academic writing community I frequently trawl the web and academic ghostwriting websites, including forums like this. I used to come here to Essayscam for website inspiration and interesting debates. Now, every time I come here, I am met with another tirade of star-filled words and furious debacles. This would be considered inappropriate and unprofessional in a normal community, but it seems that it is acceptable here. However, I still fail to see what the point is of all of this mudslinging and word-bashing? It is not even funny to read, it is just sad. It is like a classroom full of hormonal and "dragged-up-not-brought-up" teenagers; the teacher leaves the room and all hell breaks loose.

All this sinister posting with no contribution to the writing community looks more like misguided attempts at anger management and scribbling art therapy. I am bored. I want an intellectual discussion. I want a debate on the subjects of academic ghostwriting, plagiarism, the moral and ethics and so on. But I guess that "haters are gonna hate", and as this post is sort of adding to all the nonsense here, so I'm going to stop here and move on to a community where there is a chance of some rewarding conversations. Please feel free to join me, I'll be at Reddit.
Aug 18, 2014 | #2
Your argument is basically, "I come here to tap this place sometimes, and why are there dirty words?" I would say that they stem from a generally murky, somewhat hostile industry filled with competing scumbags, some of whom are trying desperately to take themselves seriously as writers in an environment where their real names will never be attached to any of their work. Good luck on your journey to Reddit to find similarly high-minded, sophisticated homework-doers and professional accessories. You really seem to have your finger on the pulse of youth vernacular, so you have that going for you. I'd lose the high horse, though, if I were you. No one likes a pompous twit.
Aug 18, 2014 | #3
I am bored. I want an intellectual discussion.

A true intellectual mind is never bored :
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Aug 05, 2015 | #4
Initial Thoughts of a New Member

This site is pretty fascinating to me, as somebody who has been an operator in the industry for a little over a decade in different capacities. Due to maintaining a very specific niche client segment (HNW/UHNW folks), I've never really viewed myself as competing with the general market of companies and freelancers, but I'm super curious what other companies are like. I always assumed that the industry was just scammers (yes, ironic indeed given that I'm part of it). Reading the threads here has somewhat enlightened me, albeit in a slightly disorienting and disorganized way. I can tell that some websites are essentially universally blacklisted (academia-research) while others appear to have higher quality, tension between ESL/native entities, and so on.

This site has the potential to be a source of market research on our industry, if we could cobble together the resources/threads to provide more structured visibility on the industry.

Of course, that may or may not be in our interests as incumbents.
Aug 05, 2015 | #5
It IS the source of market research already ;). Why would you like to give more 'visibility' on the industry, though; it's easy for potential customers to do a search and find example research services online.. The trick is to learn how to find reliable and legitimate ones, but that's being discussed in the other thread.

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