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Acematiks - company (forced revisions / small payments)

Krat_King_Cole    1 | 18   Freelance Writer
Jul 19, 2017 | #1
Message content updated - see below.

This company is terrible. They didn't tell me how much they paid. I found out the pay is not that great. On top of that, they gave me a revision that basically required re-writing one whole paper and revising another without any consideration for me. I am actually going to give up on them and continue with my other place full time. I don't think I will get paid by them but oh well...
OP Krat_King_Cole    1 | 18   Freelance Writer
Jul 20, 2017 | #2
I would like to retract this statement / review about Acematiks, fully realizing that it was my responsibility to complete only orders I could handle. The revision was not unwarranted but adequate. I've done revisions before for another company and they are nothing new. I took on too much that weekend. I would like to remove this statement from the website, if that is possible, as it does not reflect my ongoing feelings about the company.
OP Krat_King_Cole    1 | 18   Freelance Writer
Jul 20, 2017 | #3
It is with the sincerest apologies that I retract this statement, understanding it was my fault that the revision was difficult because I hadn't taken an order I was exactly proficient in. Thus, it warranted an extensive revision. I am embarrassed about the comment above and now that I think about it, the entire situation could have been avoided if I had asked for some clarification about the paper. On top of that, I took on wayyy too much work that weekend. I hate it when this happens, but sometimes we do the order almost completely wrong because of some oversight. The comment was unprofessional and misguided... It doesn't say anything about the company.

Forum / Writing Careers / Acematiks - company (forced revisions / small payments)

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