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Many thanks for the advice about freelance writing jobs!

Dec 12, 2008 | #1
Hi everyone,

I have lurked on the board for a while, but I must make my introduction by expressing my gratitude for the wealth of information I found here.

My husband's job requires that we relocate very often and that leaves me a well educated professional, trying to find ways use my brain cells and also earn as we move. Not all countries are amenable to foreign workers, and as a lecturer, it is a challenge to find work in my present location and it was difficult to navigate the pitfalls of online employment.

Nevertheless, with the advice I have found on this board, I have been able to attract pretty good earnings using my writing skills, and ensuring the companies I approached were reputable and had enough freelance jobs to choose from.

I have been doing great business and while I am sure you realize that the information you post is useful, you may not know that it helps far more persons than those who take the time to register and make a post.

So, to WB, Lavinia, Mak, and all others who assist in providing useful information to this board, as well as comedy par excellence (which is also useful) - I thank you.
Dec 12, 2008 | #2
You are certainly welcome.

Forum / Writing Careers / Many thanks for the advice about freelance writing jobs!