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writologist 2 | 30   Freelance Writer
Nov 13, 2017 | #1
I was working for some freelance company, and they decided to withhold my earnings. I was looking for ways to get back at them. Some ****** Ukrainian/Russian company, but I was really desperate for work.

1. Anybody knows the affiliate websites for this site?>>>
2. Is there a legitimate Canadian/American writing company that you guys can recommend?
RandomRandom    5 | 54   Freelance Writer
Nov 14, 2017 | #2
I'm interested in the full story about why your earnings were withheld from you. Do you mind sharing?
I do not think the forum rules allow people to recommend companies directly.
It seems to me you're still as desperate for work as you were before you got scammed. Perhaps you should try and be less desperate because it could possibly lead you down the same hole. I know it's easier said than done. Anyway, all the best.
Smiley73 4 | 428 ☆☆☆  
Nov 16, 2017 | #3
@writologist the site that you indicated only has a rating of 2 stars at the most. Their writers complain mostly of the fines and other unfair penalties tacked onto the salaries earned. While they do pay on time, it appears that their writers are not properly compensated for their increasingly short turn around orders. The company doesn't have a good track record in regards to how they treat their writers so I would not work for this company for any reason. Why are you asking about the company? Are you planning to work for them? If you are considering it, I would like to ask you reconsider. The feedback I got from their writers does not inspire any confidence that you would be treated fairly by the people that run that company. Sadly, I cannot recommend any writing companies as doing so it against forum rules. I would like to instead, encourage you to work harder on gaining an independent client base so that you can continue to work as an academic writer who does not have to answer to unfair bosses.

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