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Designing an academic research and writing website. How to do it well?

Lewis 4 | 5  
Jul 30, 2009 | #1
I'm thinking about designing a website to help students with their academic research and writing.

What do you think constitutes a good essay website? Should it be simple and only have relevant links (like: Home, About us, Contact us, Privacy, Faqs, TOS) or it should also have a blog or articles? Do you think students actually read these articles or blog posts? It looks like it's a hard job to maintain a blog and write posts..

Is a flashy website better or it should be very simple? What do students consider a good academic research and writing website? Are there any preferred font or background colors, should there be a lot of graphics? Should I put some youtube videos or audio message? How about live chat - is it required?

Thank you, Lewis.
stu4 24 | 893 ☆☆   Observer
Jul 30, 2009 | #2
Nice graphic and features always help. Stay up to date :)
OP Lewis 4 | 5  
Aug 16, 2009 | #3
I think I'll drop the idea of building an essay website. There's too much competition in that area... :(. I cannot afford to build 100 essay writing sites and that's what most businesses do to rank well... Oh well, maybe I'll start a blog or something instead :).
humble 2 | 264  
Aug 17, 2009 | #4
Helllo Lewis,

You could get a reasonable website with all the programming for less than $50 a year. Should I message you for some samples?
OP Lewis 4 | 5  
Aug 17, 2009 | #5
It's not the design issue, but promotion and "SEO" aspect issues. Developing a website is one thing but bringing visitors to the website is another (and much more complex and time-consuming) thing.....
humble 2 | 264  
Aug 17, 2009 | #6
Yea that's right. :(
ten_upon_ten - | 8  
Sep 03, 2010 | #7
A slew of free web hosting sites and free templates available...just type free web hosting and google it.

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