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Earnings question for writers

Hamilton 1 | 3  
Jun 07, 2007 | #1
I am a grad student looking at possibly registering as a writer with a couple of companies. The companies I am looking at ask you to submit a resume together with your salary / fee expectations.

Can anyone give me an idea about what level I should pitch myself at? I don't want to go too low but equally I don't want to price myself out of some extra income.
Dylan - | 130  
Jun 07, 2007 | #2
In the UK, some essay companies publish their rates for writers on their websites. I looked at three websites and their rates seem to be £20-£30 (approx $38-$57) per 500 words for standard rate work due in 5/6 days and £40-£50 ($76-$95) per 500 word for premium rate work due in 5/6 days. They pay more if a faster turnaround is required or if the work is Masters or PhD level.
OP Hamilton 1 | 3  
Jun 07, 2007 | #3
Thanks. That's helpful.

A resume and writing sample is straightforward but I hadn't bargained on having to develop my own fee schedule to submit with my application!
Jun 07, 2007 | #4
I think it's pretty shady to not have a set pay schedule. Either the writer is qualified, or he/she is not. This tells me that the company hires unqualified writers if the price is right. Such is the custom for, anyway.
tarangita 3 | 53  
Jan 14, 2008 | #5

Please do not write for Peter Richardson of 1STCLASSPROJECT OR QUALITY ESSAYS OR PROJECT FIRST CLASS. It is a nightmare and he does not pay. Please be careful to find out more about the person before you start working for them.
whitegrim 4 | 72   Freelance Writer
Oct 03, 2008 | #6
Hey Dylan,
I have been working as a freelance writer for many website for quite a few time.
I have been doing it as a part time though...
But now I am really looking to make it a full time job...
You have mentioned about high paying sites... I would love to have this information shared about these sites...
Hopefully I can do good as I cant make much being working here for the Pakistani companies...
It will be quite a support if you could email me or PM me...
My email:


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