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Working as a contract writer - pentalties, terms and conditions, etc?

Don Peter 1 | -   Student
Nov 28, 2011 | #1
Hi there,

I have obtained a MSc in Cognitive & Clinical Neuroscience (Distinction) and have been unable to find work. A friend suggested putting my skills to use and writing for an essay company.

However, I am very sceptical as I have read that writers get scammed through "penalties" or worse, the companies don't actually pay them for some reason or other. I emailed UK Essays and some other companies for their contracts but they ignored me. I do not really want to apply and provide my details without knowing what I am getting into.

Has anyone got any advice on working for these companies? Does anyone work for a reputable essay company whom may provide their writers terms and conditions or contract terms? It makes me more concerned that they wouldn't just provide it themselves, after all, I am meant to be a freelance contractor.

Many thanks,

MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Nov 28, 2011 | #2
There are countless scam companies from almost every country of the world. These companies are dubious with regards to their operations and dealing with their writers. However, there sure are a few reputable companies that treat their writers as their asset. There is a good of information available on this forum about both the kinds. I'd suggest you sift through a few threads to get to what I am saying. I am sure if you're a good writer you'll soon find yourself at work. However, make sure you don't land into some scam company.
prowritergr 1 | 16   Freelance Writer
Dec 11, 2011 | #3
Use the word of mouth....there are reliale offices and bastards...never give your personal detail such as ID or whatever to anyone...thats BS. i dont work with UK offices coz i realised that there are many scums...

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