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Working as a contract writer - pentalties, terms and conditions, etc?

Don Peter 1 | -   Student
Nov 28, 2011 | #1
Hi there,

I have obtained a MSc in Cognitive & Clinical Neuroscience (Distinction) and have been unable to find work. A friend suggested putting my skills to use and writing for an essay company.

However, I am very sceptical as I have read that writers get scammed through "penalties" or worse, the companies don't actually pay them for some reason or other. I emailed UK Essays and some other companies for their contracts but they ignored me. I do not really want to apply and provide my details without knowing what I am getting into.

Has anyone got any advice on working for these companies? Does anyone work for a reputable essay company whom may provide their writers terms and conditions or contract terms? It makes me more concerned that they wouldn't just provide it themselves, after all, I am meant to be a freelance contractor.

Many thanks,

MeoKhan    7 | 1,407 ☆☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Nov 28, 2011 | #2
There are countless scam companies from almost every country of the world. These companies are dubious with regards to their operations and dealing with their writers. However, there sure are a few reputable companies that treat their writers as their asset. There is a good of information available on this forum about both the kinds. I'd suggest you sift through a few threads to get to what I am saying. I am sure if you're a good writer you'll soon find yourself at work. However, make sure you don't land into some scam company.
prowritergr 1 | 16   Freelance Writer
Dec 11, 2011 | #3
Use the word of mouth....there are reliale offices and bastards...never give your personal detail such as ID or whatever to anyone...thats BS. i dont work with UK offices coz i realised that there are many scums...
Smiley73 4 | 428 ☆☆☆  
Oct 20, 2017 | #4
Based on the spelling inaccuracies and sentence structure problems that exist in your post, I find it extremely difficult to believe that you have an MSc. Then again, who am I to question the state of international education at this point. You need to pass through the screening system of any company that you hope to work with. Sure it is just a formality and these scammers will let anybody in just so they have someone filling the writer's chair, but you have to pretend to play the game just the same. As for the TOS and penalties, you can easily read about those in their writer website You won't find any reference to penalties and pro writer terms and conditions because the companies hedge their bets against the writer. They will find one way or another to implement the penalties so they can get you work on papers practically for free. If you think you have what it takes to try and kickstart your business as an independent writer, then I suggest you do so. Based on the way you wrote this post though, I would not put too much confidence in you developing an academic writing career.

Forum / Writing Careers / Working as a contract writer - pentalties, terms and conditions, etc?

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