EssayScam Forum - Essay Industry and Academic Writing News - All-in-One Resource for Academic Writers, Essay Writing Companies, and Clients is an exciting new all-in-one resource for academic writers, essay writing companies, and clients alike. Launched in 2009, EssayNews promises to be a leader in the academic writing and research industry news.

What's especially innovative about this site is that all parties are served in an above-board and helpful fashion. Academic writers know that when they post their advertisements, they will be viewed by clients who can contact them directly, without need for a middle-person who usually charges fees for their work. Academic writing companies know that when they post notices about their businesses, they will be posted unaltered and without the kind of bias that can occur in this highly competitive field. And clients know that when they seek information or services at, they receive the information straight from the horse's mouth, either from companies or freelance writers, again without being slanted in one direction or another.

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For writers, this is an especially attractive service. Until now, freelance academic writers only had a few options: either start their own websites, work with existing companies, or post advertisements on general freelance writing boards. Starting a website from scratch takes an enormous amount of effort, not to mention the work involved in promoting the site. Working for an existing company does offer job security, but only when the company is ethical in its dealings with its writers; moreover, there are always fees taken by the company for its role in managing new and on-going projects. And posting ads on freelance boards generally means that everyone except new clients will see them. provides academic writers with the best of all worlds: the ability to work in a true freelance fashion while reaching the clientele they need to reach. What's more, this is a cost-effective service, which is especially exciting for new writers who are just building their client bases and don't have much revenue with which to operate.

Academic writing companies too benefit from Instead of having to pay exorbitant fees to search engines or untargeted websites for advertisements, or rely solely upon word of mouth to spread the word, they can now post notices about their research and writing services-- notices which reach the clients they need to reach. In addition, freelance writers can learn more about how the companies operate, which provides them with a potential new work force in the research industry.

Finally, clients have the ability to peruse not only information about existing academic writing companies, but also a wide variety of freelance writers, editors, and proofreaders. This enables them to make the best choices for their important projects.

Above and beyond these services, offers a section for academic writers, research companies, and students to post news items related to academic writing in general. This can be anything from Google's current position on advertisements from academic writing companies to current trends in the academic writing market.

The ability to post and read news items about the academic writing business is particularly important, as this industry is marginalized. That is quite unfortunate, as not only is it completely legal, but it also provides an incredibly important service for those clients who need example projects to guide their own work. By providing a consolidated place for news items about the academic writing and research industry, brings an unfairly-judged business into the light, showing not just writers and companies how important a service they provide, but also showing clients that their use of such services is absolutely acceptable.

In all, represents an exciting new venture in the custom academic writing industry, opening new doors for all participants. Anyone can join for free, and membership is worth every penny. Check it out now, and see how you can become involved!

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