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Estimate a True Essay Writing Order Cost Based on a Words-Per-Page Count

If you are a student who plans on using an example academic research paper writing service, one of the most important things to consider is the REAL COST of the service. At first glance, some prices may look cheap, but when you realize that 1 PAGE != 1 PAGE, the perception of a good deal may quickly disappear.

Use this simple tool to find out how much you could save when you order the same number of pages from two custom writing services that offer a different number of words per page.

WRITING SERVICE X 1 page = 200 words per page

WRITING SERVICE Y 1 page = 200 words per page


Why 300 Words per Page Should Be the Golden Standard in Academia?

Every day, students across the globe are required to write academic papers in order to display their knowledge on a particular topic. The academic paper is essential for researching and learning more about the topic in order to write a clear, well-written paper. Some students are required to write a simple, one page paper while some papers are much longer and more in-depth. The directions will usually specify a specific word count to ensure there is no confusion over how many words should go on each page. Students seeking the services of an academic writing service, should be guaranteed 300 words per page.

True Research Cost

300 words per Page as the Golden Standard

When writing a paper, a professor will specify the paper format and the paper topic, but the word count by page will differ. As a result, there is no current standard. Creating one standard would simplify the directions and eliminate the need to specify a specific word count. 300 words fits easily on one page and provides enough length to cover the entire topic. By specifying 300 words as one page, it will provide better direction for students and will create one standard for every academic writing service. The golden standard for all school and academic writing services should be 300 words per page.

Consistency in Academic Writing Services

Some academic writing services allow a maximum of 250-275 words to represent a page, but it is not enough content. The current word count standard differs allowing writing service to require the minimum possible word count. If 300 words per page was used as a model for all schools and all students, assignments would be easier to calculate and writers, for academic writing service, would have no choice but to write a full paper instead of trying to trim the number of words on the page in order to cheat. Some academic writing services use all types of ploys to get away with reducing the word count on a page including using smaller fonts, sizes, margins, and spacing. By creating a model where 300 words per page is the standard, there will be no confusion and every writer will be required to write the same amount of words for each page. When there is no set page number requirement, there will be no consistency in what the student is being charged.

Benefit Students

The 300 word count should become the standard for a one page paper because it would benefit students who seek assistance from an academic writing service. If 300 words per page became the academic standard, students purchasing papers will be guaranteed this word count per page which would, in turn, reduce the cost per page for students ordering papers. When there is no standard, writers can write a smaller amount on each page which allows them to charge the student more money. This is unfair to the student and only benefits the academic writing service. Some academic writing services allow their writers to get away with only providing 200-275 words. This is outrageous and unfair. A credible writing service requires their writers to provide 300 words per page.

Finding a Credible Academic Writing Service

There are many academic writing services available to students, but a credible academic writing service cares about their clients and limits the word count to 300 words per page. The lack of cohesion over how many words should be contained on a page of an academic paper has allowed some less credible academic writing services to get away with providing less words in order to charge more money. Students seeking out these services should look for information on word count. Academic writing services requiring a 300 word count per page will offer more comprehensive assistance and a higher quality paper.

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