EssayScam Forum - Essay Industry and Academic Writing News - Because Example Academic Writing Is Not Only About Money was begun with one thing in mind: the creation of a resource that exists to help academic writers, editors, and researchers in all aspects of their professional lives. It sounds simple, but it's actually a pretty lofty goal, as there is more to the typical freelance academic writer's life than sitting in a chair writing articles, term papers, and model essays.

Academic Editor

Today, freelance academic writers need to decide if they wish to work for an established company, for themselves, or for some combination of the two, and in order to make that decision, they need to examine all kinds of aspects of each type of working arrangement, from pay and tax structures to personal working styles and everything in-between.

Making this decision is also difficult these days because so many things are changing in the online world of freelance academic writing. The IRS is becoming increasingly interested in online companies; many of the larger companies pay very low rates to writers because they are increasingly outsourcing their labor to other countries where they can pay a very low per-page rate; and the online world in general is always shifting and changing (often in response to what Google is doing, but not always). This site is partially intended to assist writers in making this kind of decision.

In addition, academic writers need to know themselves in order to maximize their professional lives. While this is true for everyone, it is especially true for professionals in a field that is almost entirely a telecommuting field. Can you work at home? Can you negotiate all of the challenges that exist when working from home? Are you the kind of person who will flourish with a home office, or will you need to rent a space so you can get out of there for a few hours a day? This site is partially intended to assist with this sort of introspective process.

What happens when you get burned out? How about if you are not burned out, per se, but are having an extremely difficult time getting those creative juices to flow? What if you need more money than your freelance academic writing is generating? How about when you hit your first summer and you haven't saved up enough money to make it through the dry spell? What should you do if you want to become a freelance academic writer but don't know if you have the skills? How can you acquire them?

This site was also partially intended to assist writers with these issues as well.

How can one site do all that? In part, it is because we are building an excellent community of academic writers who read the articles and add their own wisdom to the general discussion. We are relatively new to the scene, but already there are scores of extremely helpful comments that engage with the thoughts on the site and bring new material to the table. In addition, we are laying the foundation to be a forum of sorts, for writers to post questions and, in turn, receive answers from other writers. We do not want this site to be one in which The Expert solves all the problems but, instead, one in which lots of experts help each other solve all sorts of problems – and revel in all sorts of victories.

Over time, the site might evolve into one that assists students as well. When an individual is seeking to write a paper, who better to help than a professional writer? Sometimes, just reading through the comments (such as those concerning how to overcome a dry spell and get words on a page) will help a student tackle his or her own difficult project.

Having said that, Freelance Essay Writers is primarily for independent academic writers: it's a one-stop shop for folks who, like ourselves, make their livings writing at home in our pajamas (well, not all the time :). From the outside, it's the easiest job in the world; from the inside, it's one of the most challenging jobs in the world. The truth is that it's both, and we wouldn't trade it for the world. Neither would you, we’re sure. Make Freelance Essay Writers one of your must-check professional sites – read a little, comment a little, and think a lot – and together we may grow it into something we can all count upon in good times and bad.

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