EssayScam Forum - Essay Industry and Academic Writing News - For Students Seeking Help with Their Essays is a powerful resource for students at all levels looking for help on any aspect of academic writing. Many students find that in getting the qualifications they deserve, calling on professionals to assist with writing, research, editing or proofreading can be highly beneficial. EssayDirectory helps them find suppliers in these fields, and can therefore also help providers of academic writing services grow their businesses.

Why Do Students Use These Services?

Talented people in all manner of fields of study often find that writing is one of their weaker skills, and in order to truly represent their ideas and abilities on paper some help from an expert can make all the difference. Others are trying to gain a qualification in their second language, and want to submit their papers in flawless English. Some people simply want someone to research and summarize a topic for them so that they have the information they need to complete their work to hand. This makes academic writing and its associated services a strong industry for competitive writing companies and freelancers to work in - there are hundreds of thousands of people in the education system at any given time who can gain from using writers and editors.

Writing Resources

How Does Help?

EssayDirectory is a free to use listings site for providers of academic writing services: essays, term papers, research papers, coursework, book reports, dissertations, and PhD theses. Because these services are valuable at all levels, from high school through to PhD, in every conceivable area of study, it is understandable that not every provider can meet every student's needs. EssayDirectory lists academic writing service suppliers in a simple, alphabetical format with a brief summary of their offerings, allowing students to browse and then link to the providers who look like they can fulfil their needs. As a specialist niche listings site, it makes finding suppliers much easier than it would be from a simple Google search, because there are no sponsored results or irrelevant links.

Who Can List on

Anybody offering professional research and writing related services to students can list themselves on EssayDirectory. This means that there are listings for companies specializing in academic essay writing who offer a variety of different services, but also for sole freelancers who offer very specific skills, either in a certain field of study such as law, medicine or business or in a certain writing related discipline, such as proofreading. This allows the site to cater to even the most niche requirements from students, meaning that they shouldn't need any other resources to help them locate the right provider for them.

How Does a Listing on Benefit a Provider?

A listing on EssayDirectory allows freelancers and writing companies a new opportunity to reach the student audience. As what is essentially a "one stop shop" for academic writing providers, it offers a chance to give potential customers a brief overview of what is on offer on an equal footing to their competitors - the alphabetic listing system and the identical format of each listing means that companies with bigger budgets or advanced SEO strategies have just the same chance to catch a student's attention as a sole freelancer who isn't as well equipped to market themselves aggressively via Google ranking or advertising. Additionally, because EssayDirectory only deals with academic writing services, providers can be sure that any leads coming to them through the site will be genuine and effectively qualified.

A Great Resource for Students, a Great Opportunity for Writing Service Providers

To conclude, EssayDirectory really is brilliant in its simplicity. By helping students locate and compare service providers it cuts down the time it takes to wade through search results looking for someone with the exact service or academic knowledge they are looking for, while also helping businesses of all sizes and skill sets looking to work in this market to reach their target audience. It is a truly valuable resource for buyers and sellers alike.

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