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Decisions, decisions. Freelance Writer / Editor versus Academic Writing Services.

You're a hardworking student. You're overwhelmed and have to get that major paper done or everything you've worked for is toast. You need a professional academic writer/editor. But how do you go about finding the best? Do you try and find an independent freelancer, or do you go with an academic research and writing service that delivers an example paper you can use?

Let's look at it from your perspective.

Writing isn't your thing, you're working two jobs to get through school, the kids are screaming - life gets in the way. You have to get this paper done or that resume sent in for your internship or the entrance essay for graduate school, and you're jammed to the walls. Toss in total writer's block. You have to get some help and get it right the first time. How do you find a perfect-for-you writer?

You have two main choices: an independent freelance writer/researcher/editor or an academic research, writing, and editing service agency. First is the matter of tracking down an ethical writer/editor or writing service. As in every profession, there are good, excellent, and downright lousy. Most writers are not truly capable of tackling your particular task. Not all agencies are reputable, but fortunately, the bad ones don't last long. Fortunately for you, there are good ones you can rely on. You might have to do a little homework to find a good fit, but it shouldn't take long.

Freelancer or Research Agency

A viable start is bearing in mind the old adage, you get what you pay for. A cheap paper mill is going to give you poor quality work. A well-paid freelancer with great references and years of experience is a good start if you happen to know one in your field. An academic writing agency that pays attention to its clients and takes care of its writers is worth its weight in gold.

Experienced academic writers are fully familiar with the entire writing and research process, know the rules, understand what is required for an acceptable, even outstanding final paper. They have researched and read extensively, are likely to have been instructors themselves, and may well have been active in the real world in your chosen field. They are creative enough to come up with new ideas, fresh approaches, and language that connects with the reader.

Professional editors have that magic eye that sees mistakes in print everyone else overlooks. In academic papers accuracy is paramount. Is English your second language or simply not your strong suit? Is your paper nearly there but you don't know how to bring it all together cohesively? An editor's expertise can save you a rewrite and a great deal of exasperation. Most academic writers are also editors, adding to what they can offer you.

The problem is finding one that you know you can count on.

The best academic writing agencies have a carefully selected group of highly qualified writers/editors/researchers who can perform across a variety of subjects with remarkable expertise. They go through rigorous testing to become staff writers. They are experienced academics who know you have to have a quality paper that can meet the stringent criteria of the educational system.

An agency is the connection between you and the writer, matching up your project with a qualified writer who understands what you need, is fully familiar with multiple referencing styles, and has written dozens, if not hundreds of papers. A reputable agency will keep a ready stable of outstanding writers and pay them reasonably well to keep them. You are going to pay a little extra for this administrative service, but they will deliver, and you'll find it's well worth it.

When you go directly to a freelance writer, you're doing just that - dealing direct. That can be a good thing or a nightmare. If you know your writer well and trust he or she can do the job right, direct communication can be useful in your one-on-one contact. If, however, your writer doesn't make you happy or if you piss him off, well, you're in for major headaches. You could be days away from your deadline with nothing to show for it but more aggravation.

A writing service provides a personable yet professional intermediary administrator who sees to it that everyone is happy. Their job is customer service, sales, assigning projects appropriately, managing those projects, effectively, protecting their writers and their clients, and following through to the completion of your project. If you find you are completely dissatisfied with a writer (which is rare but sometimes happens), an agency can give your work to another writer without any more hassles for you. This doesn't mean you get to be a pain in the ass customer, but a buffer who knows what she is doing and gets all your questions handled in a timely manner is a very good idea. And keeping your writer/editor free for and dedicated to your project is even better.

Writers who choose to work for agencies can focus on what they love and do best - write, research, and edit. They can leave the marketing, sales, admin, management, web pages, and communication with the clients to the agency. No distractions while they're working on your project. Administrators quickly get to know their writers and who is best for each job, assuring very satisfied clients.

Freelancers have it a lot tougher. They have to run a business as well as deliver a wide range of papers within strict time frames. If anything happens to your freelancer in the middle of your project, do you have a back-up? An agency can get you a replacement writer right away without losing precious time.

A professional agency is bound by ethics and contractual agreement to keep your information private. If you decide to go with a freelancer, make sure you have a similar agreement in place. This is not often the case. Similarly, make sure your project is all yours at the end.

Here's some full disclosure: I'm a long-time freelancer who chose to go with an excellent agency. Like you, it took a little hunting and pecking to find them, but now I couldn't be happier. Our clients are thrilled with the results, I love my admin and my work, and everyone's stress free. Win-win-win.

You're going through enough. It's time to delegate. Do it the easy, most expedient way and get on with your life. Let the pros handle it.

Okay, here's one last thing. You're not supposed to hire a writer to do your academic papers. But have you ever seen a corporate head, a politician, or any other professional give credit to their secretary or staff or everyone else who has actually done the work? You're up to your eyeballs, trying to get finished with school. You will likely never have to write anything like this again in your entire life, and even if you did, it is perfectly acceptable in virtually every field to have a ghostwriter, researchers, editors, and others help you get the job done. So let's get this done and done well.

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