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michelleroosevelt 1 | -   Student
May 01, 2012 | #1
Have been been shopping around for a credible and legitimate essay writing company for quite some time. I notice a litany of such companies out there. I laid my eyez on academiceagles.com and hired their thesis writing expertise: the services rendered were superb. Once again, thank you so much for helping me attain a credit. Will always be ready to mount your wings in the near future

frank marx - | 2   Student
May 01, 2012 | #2
academiceagles.com is indeed an establishment that represent the new epoch. They offer professional services that will not only leave you wondering but also contemplating why.....you've been trusting your dollars in the hands of rogue companies for far too long, I subcontracted academiceagles.com for writing my Masters proposal and thesis, as they claim, they added some relevance on my grades. Thanks a million for job well done.
FSR - | 47   Freelance Writer
May 01, 2012 | #3
Nice adverts, hope your work was better than the appalling job the company did on its own website!
mre 1 | 175  
May 01, 2012 | #4
Directly from the website:

"Order custom papers from academiceagles.com and you'll sense deep in your bones that everyone is called to succeed."

And michelle...you are going to mount some wings? Sounds sexual....and dangerous. Actually that quote from the website sounds sexual.

I am guessing they are from Pakistan...mainly because of the imagery they use.
May 01, 2012 | #5
academiceagles.com = foreign, ESL garbage from Kenya

Ngoya, Lucas lucopodium@gmail.com
NAIROBI, ke 254

1 "frank marx" + 1 "michelleroosevelt" = 2 Kenyan fraudsters
frank marx - | 2   Student
May 01, 2012 | #6
AcademicEagles.com (thesis writing company)

this is the fifth time am buying custom services at academiceagles.com and if all companies did their work with such perfection. The academic endeavor will be a smooth ride. A big-up for the work you did for me.. that was bad news to my examiners....107% distinction is unheard of. Am so very humbled. You're equal to task.
May 01, 2012 | #7
If your examiners think you're capable of 107%, they need to be examined themselves.
amnateeb 2 | 341   Freelance Writer
May 01, 2012 | #8
Lol! Good one.
May 01, 2012 | #9
F?*k off, amadweeb.
amnateeb 2 | 341   Freelance Writer
May 01, 2012 | #10
What happened? Lol!
May 01, 2012 | #11
frank marx = scamming, Kenyan agent of AcademicEagles.com from Kenya
mre 1 | 175  
May 02, 2012 | #12
Kenya? Damn...they are getting exotic with the scamming.

If anybody falls for this company then they did not read the website. It is important to always read the website and look around before purchasing any service. If it looks funky then that's because it is funky. Follow your instinct and don't support these scammers with your hard-earned money.
Juliette - | 2   Student
Mar 12, 2013 | #13
Academiceagles are definitely " no! No!" . They do not meet deadline , give plagiarised work and curiously Ngoya,Michelle and Frank Marx all work for Academiceagles ! Michelle even claims to be Harvard graduate based in Washington and that they use ethical methods! I will never use them again.. They are scammers , they collect your money and deliver well below average paper... I regret ever using them...
Taliaxy 1 | 1   Student
Sep 21, 2013 | #14
Give the devil its due without equivocation folks:

Hello there, this is to tell frustrated students like self that AcademicEagles completed my essay, and it surpassed my objectives. So the company is legitimate. I laud their experts for providing such excellent help. Communication lines and candor throughout the entire process kept me upbeat and calm. And because I needed a rush essay, I had fought myself off over whether or not this service would be the based bet and Jasper did it.

Wow, the company's honest attempt to help me get this done and to get me such an excellent author, really makes one to build trust in the goodness of others. One would wonder if another writing service would simply have refunded cash in the event that deadlines and expectations weren't met, or had delivered a sub-standard paper. The company's attempt and commitment to help me get this presented with a professional touch has made me earn their trust. Will authenticate your services to my college friends. Talia, IL
writers2beware 39 | 1,977 ☆☆☆☆  
Sep 21, 2013 | #15
Taliaxy = lying representative of AcademicFecals
99Essays 4 | 258   Freelance Writer
Sep 22, 2013 | #16
Fecals ... tee hee ...

Are you sure you're giving the devil its due without equivocation?
Dniella - | 1   Student
Sep 24, 2013 | #17
My name is Daniella, I ordered for a thesis proposal for my grad school at academic eagles[DND*] on 16th of SEPT, 2013. The paper was due in less than 36 hrs and because of a tight schedule I had to hire their services. After a lengthy chat with their rep, a got assurance that the paper would beat the timeline and still pass turnitin test. The writer in charge would then turn-in a 12-page paper in less than 30 hrs, about 6 hrs to the deadline. The writer was super-fast and had put on paper a coherent and logical piece. I must admit what an awesome job she did. The quality of the paper was awe-inspiring. At first, I thought the cost was a little bit exorbitant, but after going through the paper closely, I think this company met my expectations, value for money. It is therefore my hope that the service will allow a customer to choose who writes their paper.... Just thinking loud. Thanking you for a great Thesis Prop... Daniella, New Jersey.
writers2beware 39 | 1,977 ☆☆☆☆  
Sep 25, 2013 | #18
Dniella = lying representative of AcademicFecals
queen sheba 74 | 799 ☆☆   Observer
Sep 26, 2013 | #19
Evidence, Moron?
GhettoRdneck - | 5   Student
Oct 21, 2013 | #20
yeah idk about this company but I wonder if they are legit. This guy always saying they are scams doesn't provide any proof at all.
writers2beware 39 | 1,977 ☆☆☆☆  
Oct 21, 2013 | #21
This guy always saying they are scams doesn't provide any proof at all.

Buy a clue, pal.
chilli 1 | 4   Student
Feb 25, 2014 | #22
Academic Eagles.com

Anyone know whether this company academiceagles.com[DND*] is trustworthy?

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