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Sibos 1 | 1   Student
May 14, 2012 | #1
Pls. aware of this website;


they are scam!!!
I ordered with them in January they send me really rubbish pages, but it was too late so I submit it, and I failed -I asked them 2.1 paper and failed!!!-

Papers they send me does not match with anything I asked for, some copy and paste from various books and websites.Nothing to do with my research nor tuitors comments. Then I asked for refund they said no refund policy but they will rewrite it from scrach -silly me - I said ok but stick to my research they said they are now passing it to senior writer - if they have ?- and yes wrote me a whole new one worse then before, it was not making sense at all even me knew how bad it was , I e-mailed them saying i was not happy at all, No Answer - chase them basiccaly all they - they had no phone number - stupid me!!! again after few e-mail they said they review it. and after a couple day they sent me the exactly same one I run out of time and I submited and suprise suprise!! FAILED AGAIN now trying to contact them but no reply 24/7 online chat line always busy, They know my IP so they don't answer.

I will try to contact my bank I hope thay can help me :(
th63 1 | 463  
May 14, 2012 | #2
This may well be a real customer who placed or real order, or someone working for a competitor who is out to sabotage the writer. On the Internet it's is very hard to tell who's who, either on the company or the customer side. That much I have learned over the years I've been involved in this business, and of course I don't trust anyone.

I've never heard of this particular company, though, and know nothing about the case one way or another, only that I take everything I read with a large grain of salt.
OP Sibos 1 | 1   Student
May 14, 2012 | #3
Believe me I am a student who is very angry with this company, I just wanna warn other people. I experienced it and lost £216 .And failed mark!!!

it s up to u if u beileve me or not!!!!
th63 1 | 463  
May 14, 2012 | #4
You may well be, Sibos, I have no way of knowing. I'm just saying that in my "careeer" as a freelance writer, I've also come up against plenty of the other type who have tried all kinds of fun and games.
alex007 1 | 9   Freelance Writer
May 14, 2012 | #5
You are at liberty to make your voice heard and don't be intimidated by anyone.

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