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Has anyone used: and

Jorshua 1 | -   Observer
Apr 25, 2012 | #1
Has anyone used: and, I found good reviews in Google and not information here, are they scam, any information?
May 01, 2012 | #2
I haven't used either of these but Scribendi doesn't write essays, according to the faq. First editing may be a scam; the site says they've been around since '94 but the domain isn't that old. You may read an article about proper writing and research below:


One of the main challenges facing higher education is the training of specialists and executives, which in addition to professional knowledge and skills, have independence, initiative and creativity; professionals able to radically change the scientific, technical, economic, and intellectual foundation of our society through the introduction of new technologies, the creation of a methodological framework of social, scientific and technological progress. Research work of students is one of the most important means of improving the quality of training of specialists with higher education, with ability to quickly adapt to modern conditions of innovative development.

Funny EditorThe organization of research activity today is seen as a powerful innovative educational technology (Dunlosky et al.). It serves as a means of solving the complex problems of upbringing, education and development in society. In addition to the educational goals and objectives, teachers in their work put to learners also tasks aimed at development of skills of research and academic writing. In this regard for successful development of skills of learning, academic writing and research, for students it is necessary:

- Self-education and self-realization of personal and creative abilities of students (exhaustive development of the personality of the student, the formation of his objective self-assessment);

- Teaching methodology of rational and efficient extraction and use of knowledge;

- Familiarity with modern methods of work with scientific literature and information sources;

- Acquiring skills of creative scientific and research activities;

Academic research can be considered as an activity aimed at creating a qualitatively new values that are important for personal development on the basis of subjective self-acquiring of new, significant knowledge. At this the aim of the academic research is not only the end result (knowledge), but also the process during which the research capacities of students develop through the acquisition of new ways of learning, training of already developed ones, activation of cognitive activity, change position in the youth community.

Consistent mastery of research competencies passes through several stages. The first stage involves the mastery of the original components of the research activities and is associated with the formation of skills of work with scientific literature, in which students get their first experience of selection and technologies of work with information sources. After getting acquainted with the methods of academic research through presentations and individual substantive tasks for writing essays they should move to the direct study of a processes or phenomena. The training process is organized in such a way that the elements of research activities are introduced gradually, complicating from course to course, and if not to possess the necessary skills in the early stages of learning, further the student will face great difficulties in carrying out educational tasks.

In our understanding, basic research and editing skills include: searching for information on the assignment; analysis of the state and dynamics of the research object with the use of certain methods and means of research; evaluation, interpretation of the results and grounding of conclusions; creation of theoretical frameworks and models for the forecasting; preparation of information reviews, analytical reports; statistical surveys, interviews, questionnaires, primary processing of the results, etc.

Among the important factors motivation of students should be noted, along with formation of interest to cognitive, creative and practical activities. This, in turn, generates a commitment to the rapid renewal of knowledge, expanding arsenal of skills, without which life-long learning - the only really effective modern training concept is not possible. It is now becoming increasingly important students' responsibility for their learning experience, decision making, further education. The research work of students creates the conditions for social and professional development, the formation of logical, scientific thinking, the development of interest in chosen profession.


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