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Is A1Thesis a good company or a scam?

hellokitty 1 | -  
Jul 30, 2009 | #1
I searched the A1Thesis writing service and I found it's cheaper than other companies, they shall not require consumers to deposit the full amount of the estimated cost. Instead, they will only require deposit one-half. After giving the consumers at least half of the edited draft, the consumers will then deposit the remaining balance, after which they shall send the rest of the paper.

is it a scam?
The website is: a1thesis.com
Jul 30, 2009 | #2
It's YOUR site, and it's garbage (just like your acting).
DodgingTheMud 1 | 19  
Jul 30, 2009 | #3
<Sarcasm> I love the concept of half upfront. I like getting ripped off only half of the money instead of all of it. Makes me feel all warm inside. </Sarcasm>

Honestly, if I am ordering a multipage paper, say at least four pages, give me the first page for review without money upfront. If you really are a good writer, I am going to pay for the rest. Grab me in the beginning, and I will become a follower.

This being said, I tend to use the same people repeatedly once they have proven their value.
WriterJohn 1 | 41  
Jul 31, 2009 | #4
dont know ;(

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