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The Best Assignment Research for Students - Rubbish!

Apr 12, 2012 | #1
Thought I'd done my research on here & had 2 essays I needed help with - mainly for general ideas & references. Used the Best Assignment Research for 1 & Error-Free Writer for the other. I know recommendations are not permitted so I'll just go straight to the criticisms.

Just received the assignment from Best Assignment Research this morning & it's atrocious. I specified UK English - as you have the option to do in the order details & gave the full module plan & requirements & gave them loads of time to prepare it, as it's not due until May & that gave me time to re-do it to avoid plagiarism etc. But I feel as if I have completely wasted my money. The writer did not follow the brief in the slightest & despite my requesting & paying for 13 extra references I did not get them. I asked the writer to refer to a specific source & gave them accurate details as well as using as many UK sources as possible as I am a British student at a British university & my subject is very specific.

I immediately asked for a rewrite, explaining the problems & have just received a reply from the writer ironically giving me a lecture...see below.

"We are not permitted to submit work that is in British English. You can very easily make those corrections by using spell-check, as I am sure you are aware. Also, please remember that you are purchasing an example of a paper, not a paper that you can turn in as your own. That would be plagiarizing, wouldn't it? Not a good mode for a potential leader to adopt"

I replied suggesting that he keep his mind on producing a half decent piece of work & sparing me the morals as he is clearly quite happy to work for the company. He now says he is working on the re-write but I wait with baited breath.
Apr 12, 2012 | #2
This is clearly a customer service issue. A freelance writer does not represent the company or its owners. Instead of wasting time posting a libelous thread about the company in a third-party forum, you should probably have contacted customer service with your concerns.

The OP is especially irresponsible and spiteful, considering that the writer ultimately agreed to provide the re-write.

Also, since there is no Order Number (as required), this thread should be deleted.
Apr 12, 2012 | #3
Order no - BEST77088

I didn't contact Cus services because I wanted to give the writer a chance to rewrite it
The work has not followed the brief & I am not happy, wanted to share my bad experience as I am very unhappy with both the standard & unnecessary response from author.

If he has issues with doubts over people's incorrect use of his work then fair enough, everyone needs to make a living but I politely pointed out the areas I wasn't happy with & it's not his place to question my integrity when he happily accepts the work in the first place.

My order detailed all the relevant requirements & they were not carried out.
Therefore, I feel it necessary to make others aware that you may not get what you were expecting. And if you are on a very tight deadline, you may have problems.

I don't expect to pay for something that is just inaccurate.

I haven't had any problems before & have recommended the Best Assignment Research to friends also struggling with their assignments.
Apr 12, 2012 | #4
I didn't contact Cus services because I wanted to give the writer a chance to rewrite it

You have not contacted the company, and readily acknowledge that the problem is not with the company but with the admittedly unprofessional comments from the FREELANCE writer, yet you libel the company in the title of your thread. Do you not see the problem there?
Apr 12, 2012 | #5
Just want to make sure nobody reading this quickly misses the the, because (as this customer can confirm), I wasn't the writer and had nothing to do with this particular order. Most of my company customers end up requesting me again. In fact, it happens so often that I can't accommodate all of their requests and have to let many of those orders go public. What WB is referring to is simply that all essay company writers are actually freelance independent contractors and that the source of this customer's problem is the writer and not necessarily the company.
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Apr 13, 2012 | #7
For multiple reasons, this thread is inappropriate and should not be in public view.
Apr 27, 2012 | #8
The Best Research has been a 50/50 for me. My first paper was excellent. I actually requested Freelance and Wb to write it but i don't know who actually wrote it. My second one was horrible...
May 15, 2012 | #11
@TonyH, same here. I requested Freelance ONLY but still ended up with someone random. Does this happen constantly?

In my experience, you can request a writer but they don't necessarily have to take the order. I suppose it all depends on what other projects they have at the time.
May 15, 2012 | #12
it's sort of a shame that this is going on in what appears to be a neutral scam-busting site, but what the $$##... welcome to Best's quasi-customer service center. order number, please?
May 15, 2012 | #13
it's sort of a shame that this is going on in what appears to be a neutral scam-busting site

Ah, so it's OK for you to intentionally and repeatedly post your personal referral URLs for chump change? F*ck off, doosh.
May 15, 2012 | #14
it's sort of a shame that this is going on in what appears to be a neutral scam-busting site

That's far from being true in my case! LOL. Believe me, I'm the last person who would want a job as Best's customer service rep--and for very good reasons. I can be objective about it, though, and discuss all the ups and downs of my online writing "career", although I have to admit that I got tired and burned out on it after five or six years.
May 15, 2012 | #15
you can request a writer but they don't necessarily have to take the order

this is correct; I didn't mean to imply that you are acting as customer service.

Ah, so it's OK for you to intentionally and repeatedly

this is to whom I was referring.

I can see your mistake, th63, because I didn't name anyone specifically.
May 15, 2012 | #17
really, WB, if I had said something like "the idiot who made empty threats about my academic account," I could understand with just responding to me, as if I had addressed you as, "WB." for example, I distantly remember you accusing me of "repeatedly posting" my "personal information" about said academic account (you have yet to post proof), and thus, I can respond to your taunt as if I were named. in this thread, though, notice that I simply leave it open to any Essay agent to respond.

this response could have been handled by so many other people who aren't covert about their relationship with Essay on this forum. in fact, that's what I expected. and yet, there you are, WB, proudly and brazenly waving yet another red herring about something I supposedly did years ago, which you've never proven, and which has nothing to do with the current thread. anyway, thanks for reminding me of the academic thing (still paying), and highlighting the implicit connections between you and Essay on what is now a joke of an anonymous forum.

btw, why can't Essay handle its customer service overflow? don't they have phones? don't they have live chat? WB, you should be paid for your efforts here... it's every other thread, lately.
May 15, 2012 | #18
which you've never proven

**** you, c*ckcsucker. Many members saw your links, including the MODERATOR who deleted them. You know that the links DON'T EXIST anymore, which is the ONLY reason why you keep challenging me to "show proof." Besides, you already admitted to posting the links to your WORTHLESS acdm account, so denying that they existed only solidifies your position as a lying piece of sh*t.

Rusty, you're poor. Deal with it. Vote for Obama and his handouts.

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