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BEWARE OF "Professor Michael James Hanson"

qwe 1 | 1   Student
Jun 02, 2012 | #1
Beware when dealing with this "coursework / tuition service" which operates under a number of different tag names.

Please beware when giving money to this company. I paid, received no tuition or service and had to report the matter which is under formal investigation.

The emailing agent refers to himself as Prof. Hanson.

The website is registered to:

Earsby Street
helpmeASAP - | 14  
Jun 02, 2012 | #2
Thanks for the heads up.
ETACK - | 2   Observer
Jun 13, 2012 | #3
Are you sure? I think they are an established company, they're been going for a decade.

How do you know this?
AllanSmith - | 21   Freelance Writer
Jun 13, 2012 | #4
They also provide academic writing help :)
ETACK - | 2   Observer
Jun 13, 2012 | #5
Do you have a link to this information?
OP qwe 1 | 1   Student
Jun 30, 2012 | #6
That remains to be seen. In my experience Mr Hanson takes your money and then refuses to take your calls.

As for providing essay writing services; that remains to be seen. In my experience Mr Hanson is only good at taking your money and then disappearing.

For a link to this service type their telephone number or details into google and you will find a lot on the fraudulent Mr Michael James. All relevant authorities are aware of and monitoring these 2 individuals.
mikey12 - | 2   Student
Aug 22, 2012 | #7
Hi there.... Like qwe I paid these frauds a total sum of £400! Yes, £400!!! and guess what? I received absolute nothing in return. They are money-grabbing criminals who pretend to be a company that offers coursework help and take people's money without doing their work. When I call them the first time, they said that they would do the coursework for £150, I unwillingly accepted to pay this amount and paid them it and started waiting for the work to be done and sent to me. They told me that my coursework will be completed and sent to me by 13/08/2012 and I made the payment of £150 to them on 20/07/2012. The deadline for my coursework was 20/08/2012 and as my deadline date got closer I called this fraudulent company and wanted to know why I hadn't received the coursework yet, bearing in mind they told me they would have the work completed by 13/08/2012. When I called them and questioned this fact, they told me that they are still working on the coursework and that it will definitely be completed and sent to me before my deadline, So I decided to wait a little longer. Guess what, the day before my deadline arrived (19/08/2012) and I still hadn't received any work, even a single phone call from them. I began to wonder and became suspicious and literally called them like 20 or 30 times before they eventually answered and I told them that my deadline is tomorrow and that I need the work to be sent to me as soon as possible, as if they hadn't put me through a lot of hell, they astonishingly told me that they want another £450 from me in order to receive the work. I literally couldn't believe what I heard, I had already paid these frauds £150, which was the price they demanded from me for this coursework. I strongly questioned this ridiculous demand and told them that they never mentioned this extra charge before, and questioned their right to ask for this money. Because it was the very day before the deadline, I was very stressed and frustrated by the fact I had paid a lot of money and hadn't received any work, and as if my troubles were enough for me, they demanded a an extra, crazy sum of £450. I told them that I couldn't pay them this money and that I was never told about this charge before. They then said that that in order to receive the work I would need to pay £250 and pay them the remaining £200 at a later date. Rather stupidly and foolishly, I somewhat agreed to these frauds' evil offer. So I did just that, paid them an extra £250 and emailed them to say when I would pay the remaining £200 and they said that as soon as I pay them £200 they will send the coursework to me.. The deadline day arrived and I waited, waited and waited. There was no coursework, I must have called them at least 50 times, sent dozens of emails, and yet there was no coursework or replies to my emails or phone calls. When I eventually did get through to them on the phone, I was raged and told them that the deadline is today and I need the coursework as soon as possible, stating that I had paid the £250 they had demanded from me, as well as stating the date when I would pay them another £250. I was absolutely shocked and shocked when they told me that they demanded me to pay them £200 to them immediately otherwise they won't send the work to me... I literally froze on the spot, remembering that just the night before they told me to pay £250 now and the remaining £200 at a later date.. I told them about what we discussed the night before and they continuously demanded the £200 or no coursework... The result was> I received absolute no coursework as they promised and I paid these thugs a staggering £400 for something that hadn't even existed in the first place.

So please, anybody reading this post. Beware of those thugs mentioned in qwe's post and please whatever you do, AVOID THEM and warn others of their criminal activity. All because of these criminals I am in deep depression and stress and wouldn't want any others to suffer from the same torment.
Taylor 1 | 18  
Aug 22, 2012 | #8
Strange behaviour from them. What did you order ?
mikey12 - | 2   Student
Aug 23, 2012 | #9
Well, It's only now I realized what a stupid mistake I had made. I really regret going to them in the first time and wish I could turn the clock back. Like most students I was finding some difficulties in my coursework and made the foolish mistake of "having it done for me". However, this experience with these scammers has taught me a very big lesson in not doing such thing ever again. So my advice to you is not to take notice of these scammers, bearing in mind they are only interested in stealing your money.

I ordered work about SQL
DESIGN123 - | 1  
Oct 02, 2012 | #10

The details of Courseworks in Nottingham have been wrongfully used by somebody.

Courseworks are unable to confirm who it is who has used their name, however, we wish to make it clear that neither Courseworks nor Mr P J Garland who is a Director of Courseworks has never heard of or had dealings with somebody by the name of Professor Michael James Hanson of Flat 1, Palace Mansions, Earsby Street, London W14 8QN.

Courseworks are a long established company formed in 1989 and has never been involved with any form of academic/non-academic essay, coursework or advisory services or the like.

Courseworks are unaware of exactly how long their details have been used by others - this matter only came to light recently after Courseworks received a letter at their Registered Office address from a person who claimed to have had money taken for academic purposes by a person posing as Courseworks.

Courseworks and Mr P J Garland immediately reported this matter to Nottinghamshire Police.

The Police have now investigated this matter and have advised Courseworks and Mr P J Garland to now report this matter on this Forum so as to make all parties aware of the situation.

Furthermore the Police have also advised that no further derogatory comments about Mr P J Garland or about Courseworks should be allowed on this Forum and that all previous comments regarding either Mr P J Garland or regarding Courseworks should be deleted from this Forum with immediate effect.

Individuals that have entrusted a person by the name of Professor Michael James Hanson or others in the services that Courseworks have been advised that either Professor Michael James Hanson or others are apparently providing must take issue with either Professor Michael James Hanson or others alone.

bopharap - | 1  
Apr 04, 2013 | #11
Michael James Hanson (020) 71835017

This is the number of "Professor Hanson". He is no professor and is known to police and the authorities. There are many victims of this scam artist who advertise on gumtree. He will take your money and you receive nothing so you must be careful. If you wish to contact him:

Mr Michael James Hanson
Flat 1, Palace Mansions
Earsby Street
London W14 8QN
ProfessorVerb    33 | 806 ☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Apr 04, 2013 | #12
He is known to police and the authorities.

"Mike the Ripper"
steamer - | 4  
Apr 08, 2013 | #13
I have been tricked as well. Please avoid. For those who have been scammed already what have you tried? I doubt that the website domain registered address is his actual address if this 'Michael James Hanson' even actually exists...

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