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businessteacher.org.uk ( a subsidary of allanswers.co.uk )

Scam buster 1 | 2  
Dec 09, 2010 | #1

I purchased a poorly written essay from businessteacher.org.uk which is a subsidary of allanswers.co.uk and thus a sister company to degreeessaysuk

The essay sent to me was plagiarised from Wikipedia and other non-academic resources. The company offers a plagiarism guarantee of 5k but all I want is a refund for what I paid. I even went through the effort of highlighting exactly which parts of the essay was plagiarised from Wikipedia and they still came back and said that this is not correct and that the essay is of a 2:1 standard. What a joke!

DO NOT BUY FROM ANY COMPANY UNDER THE allanswers.co.uk brand! IT's A SCAM!!!!!

If anyone has experienced this please respond and let's get in contact!

Angry, dissapointed and ready to fight for my rights!

- Bel
Carly 1 | 152   Company Representative
Dec 09, 2010 | #2
Dear Scam_buster (Bel),

We have been through the essay in question and we are 100% satisfied that it is not plagiarised. All the essays our expert writers produce are scanned by our plagiarism scanner before we release them to our customers. The work is also manually checked by our in-house quality team. Your essay was flagged with 11% matches in your plagiarism report (which you have had) - the matches in question are quotes used within the essay, the matches are not actually plagiarised text.

We have given your feedback to the writer that completed your work and, like us, they are very concerned that you think it was plagiarised. However, as a gesture of goodwill, we have refunded you your money. This refund is in no way an admission that anything is wrong with the essay in question, and this has not affected the confidence we have in this writer's ability and work.

We are always happy to help our customers if they have any issues with the work we deliver. We are only a phone call away.

Kind regards
All Answers Ltd.

p.s. to the forum admins, I have had to post this reply across a few threads, can we remove the others and just keep it to this one for ease?

Hi forum admins, I kind of meant remove Scam_buster's other posts as well as mine so there is only one thread for me to address. If Scam_buster's other posts are still on the other threads, I am obliged to address them there as well, sorry :(
Noob1337 - | 1  
Dec 10, 2010 | #3
Plagiarised from Wikipedia and passed as 2:1 sounds unlikely to me, this company have very rigorous plagiarism detection and quality control processes. If they cleared it as 2:1 then this has been confirmed by specialists on the area. If it went through the plagiarism scanner and came out 11% on quotes only then this isn't plagiarism, it's legitimate referencing. I wonder what makes the original poster think it was substandard, presumably someone ordering custom essays is not entirely sure what a high-standard essay would look like, hence the purpose of ordering? Have they checked with someone who knows essays better as to whether it's substandard? I wonder if they're sure what plagiarism means as well. Plagiarism is if they've taken part of something and put it down as their own work, it doesn't include referencing someone else in quote-marks, and it doesn't include making similar arguments. I know this company well and to be honest, I just don't believe they'd do what they're being accused of here.
AmonsEssays 2 | 193  
Dec 10, 2010 | #4
I wonder what makes the original poster think it was substandard, presumably someone ordering custom essays is not entirely sure what a high-standard essay would look like, hence the purpose of ordering

Great, insulting customers. Customers have plenty of reasons to order an essay: See a different perspective on the topic, illness, family or work obligations, etc. I've known perfectly capable writers who just didn't have the time. The likelihood that this is sock puppetry is also pretty obvious, but I don't want to impugn people without evidence.
Williams123 3 | 2   Student
Mar 22, 2012 | #5
@Carly, how can I contact you directly? I am seeking a writer for a 3000 literature review chapter for a Geography/ environmental dissertation. Thanks
exact 1 | 36  
May 14, 2012 | #6
finished two project ... content was good but one of it has too many spelling errors
kabbymoh - | 30   Freelance Writer
May 14, 2012 | #7
This is really careless on the company's part. I don't understand how anybody can have spelling errors in a text when there's a spellchecker function in Word.

To the original poster: I don't think the source company is necessarily the problem: It's the people who are running the subsidiaries who often fu*- up. The main problem with allanswers.co.uk is that they have their hands in too many pots and some of their subsidiaries are not quite as meticulous as the others. Before you give anybody your money to do work for you, make sure you ask them if they have a Quality department which checks their employees' work (Word Count, References, Formatting, and most of all, for plagiarism). There is no excuse for sending a client work lifted from the internet when that's easy to trace. Also, if you can prove that work was plagiarised you should get your money back.
May 14, 2012 | #8
To the original poster

You're a year-and-a-half late on this one, bud.

Username: Scam buster
Registration date: Dec 9, 10
Last posted: Dec 9, 10, 08:42AM

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