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Is fake or real

Apr 01, 2008 | #1
hi all,

i have ordered a dissertaion from at first it seemed a genuine site but i read things abt scams and stuff and am a bit (sorry quite) scared abt my work .... has any one ordered any essays from them. it would be realy helpful if u guys were able to help

kind regards

Apr 01, 2008 | #2
Hi there... Just a quick survey. Do you intend to submit this paper that you ordered as it is or are you planning to just use it as a source and list it in your reference page? Thanks. ^_^
Apr 02, 2008 | #5
No arguments there. ^_^ Still, if a company would tell you that you can't submit the essays that they sell you and you can only use them as references for your paper which you would still have to do on your own, would you buy a paper from such a company?
Aug 07, 2008 | #10
hello,,, are FAKE!
they are operated by the same people.....
edward, jason, paul, are working there.
they promise that no plagiarism and money back warranty, but they did not.......they just copy from internet....i found 67% plagiarism...and they refund 75% back.....
especially edword is the son of *****
Aug 18, 2008 | #11
I came across this bloke from ebay with a team of writers or so he claimed in Surrey, the dissertation was good enough considering i just paid 500 quid for my 15k dissertation. the link below might help or just search for dissertation writing service in ebay :
Aug 18, 2008 | #12
First of all, you may not post ads here.

Secondly, who would trust some loser on eBay who steals all of his images from other sites, yet has the nerve to claim that he/she does not engage in plagiarism?
Nov 16, 2009 | #13
dissertation help!!

Im trying to get a dissertation, was strongly thinking of but now i cant even open the site... Service problem!!!
Im really nervous about getting ripped off and site stealing my money..

Can anyone please help me??

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