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Essayrelief Scammed Me

nar 1 | 6  
Apr 29, 2007 | #1
Dear students and colleagues
I was scammed by essayrelief. They sent me copied websites and on a topic very much different from the one i requested.
Trying to call their customer service is a waste of time. Thinking that emails from their customer care regarding revisions and these things will b so naive from your side.

Please inform all to take care and never ever think of using this site.

karl_johnson - | 4  
Mar 06, 2008 | #2
Essayrelief - Trusting them?

Is it possible to buy an essay for 9.99 a page and get a good deal? I had a friend that bought and got a good grade and others got ripped off! Is it a big risk or worth the risk?
Mar 06, 2008 | #3
Try doing a search for these crooks on the Internet. is part of a fraudulent Pakistani "software house" operation that, upon information and belief, copy-and-paste plagiarizes every order that they receive (or at least attempts to do so). They often place scrambled characters throughout the stolen papers so that their customers can't easily discern that the papers are plagiarized when doing a Google search.
karl_johnson - | 4  
Apr 19, 2008 | #4
Today, 06:04PM - Attached on merging:

I bought an essay from these guys, the work was rubbish! They promised on their website that it would be good! Anyone else received bad work from them? I heard that they are in Pakistan maybe, i dont think its worth going out there to complain for $250?
joneszr 13 | 41  
Oct 02, 2008 | #5
[Moved from]: - another fraud site?

Any fraud experiences on this one?
Oct 02, 2008 | #6
It's owned by the frauds from Pakistan.
joneszr 13 | 41  
Oct 03, 2008 | #7
thanks WB.

i hope ur right.
Nona - | 1   Student
Aug 20, 2013 | #8
In future don't try to work with essayscouncil and custompapers. I had bad experiences with both of these company. Although they give paper on time, but they barely had qualified writers for amount they demand. I struggled to rewrite my essay in both cases.

Hope my experience will help someone from wasting their money on these garbage.
Jason152 - | 22   Company Representative
Aug 20, 2013 | #9
another one bites the dust

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