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vuther 1 | 1  
Nov 24, 2009 | #1
Can someone please help me out with a site that is legit? All the sites I search for are complete utter ********. If someone can point me in the right direction of a nice site that is reliable then please do so. I would appreciate it dearly.



Or instead of recommending me one, send me a private message. I would really like to know what sites out there are good for their words.

Thanks again.
WRT 16 | 1,714 ☆☆   Company Representative
Nov 24, 2009 | #2
Recommendations are not allowed.
Please, do not trust PM recommendations. People are just going to try to direct you to their websites or their services as writers. You really are setting yourself up for a fall. Trust your own judgement and know that many of us are not objective. We are connected to websites and are writers. Hence, our opinions will be biased and not in your best interest but, self-serving.

Read WritersBeware's posts - they are your best guide.
googlegoogle - | 3  
Nov 25, 2009 | #3
do not trust vuther
vishkanya 1 | 31  
Nov 25, 2009 | #4
Google it and find out but if you come across academic knowledge or ukessays.com stay away from them cos they are the rip off merchants of the industry.
rizla - | 5  
Dec 06, 2009 | #5
google is useless! just pulls up all the BS sites.. best bet is trawl through this forum for opinions.. obviously they cant promote any particular website, but if nobody has anything bad to say about it, it must be good..
Dec 06, 2009 | #6
if nobody has anything bad to say about it, it must be good

this is a good place to start, but bad way to make any final decisions.
siddbarai - | 6  
Sep 22, 2010 | #7
Merged topic:
real writing services

Can anyone be honest and give the names of some of the legit companies
the_devill - | 10  
Sep 22, 2010 | #8
We seem to have a lot of suggestions on which sites not to use, rather than directing people away from Scam Sites to actual genuine ones that could be suggested, without recommending them (which appears to be against Forum Policy here).
diegosaenz 1 | 3  
Oct 06, 2010 | #9
This site only helps to let you know what not to use, look somewhere else to find reviews, you can read through 1000 posts and none will say anything good...
Jenny - | 2  
Oct 21, 2010 | #10
There is none. None of the them have offices in the UK and those that have visit them first and they wont allow you. You can get genuine people at UK universities, say those doing their PhDs at your University. But they may charge quite more cos they are genuine good.

Hope this helps
Oct 21, 2010 | #11
There is none.

I'm sorry, but you are completely incorrect.

Also, please remember that this is not a UK-based forum.
Baffled 1 | 1  
Mar 12, 2011 | #12
Merged topic:
Whats a LEGIT Research Essay Writing Service/Company

Ive gone through alot of these threads and they all just seem to mention websites that are a scam. Has anyone had experience/know of a LEGITIMATE company/service that provides good customer service and is worth the money?
Mar 12, 2011 | #13
Ive gone through alot of these threads and they all just seem to mention websites that are a scam.

Really? The threads on a site called EssayScam are all about sites that sell scam essays? That's pretty weird....

You know, it would be even weirder if the reason no one mentions any good sites in a very clear manner (except for fairly obvious scammers) was because doing so is against the terms of service of the website. It sure is strange...you're not the only one who's baffled.
Lazy Skeptic 6 | 42   Student
Mar 23, 2011 | #14
OK, This thread may get deleted, but i have only ever had success with one company, deg***es**** placed 4 orders over 1 year period, got 2:1 three times and 2:2 once. Only one problem is they are quite expensive which led me to a cheaper route and in turn getting crap papers from foreign writers. I thought i could spot scam companies but i still can't as thay seem to find new ways to appear legit: i.e. by being UK registered. Do not order from customessays.co.uk and essayservices.co.uk

dear mods, sorry for breaking the rules, i tried to edit and delete but it's too late, i'm just sick and tired of getting scammed
unreal - | 1   Student
Feb 26, 2012 | #15
samedaywriting.net - This site legit??

Someone told me they had a few friends use this site and say it was legit. Seen so many scam sites on here though that i'm a little skeptical.


Can anyone confirm?
Major 38 | 1,319 ☆☆☆☆  
Jan 16, 2013 | #16
Looks it was a fly-by-night operation - the website doesn't exist any more.

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