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student_uk 1 | 28  
Mar 17, 2007 | #1
Hello All,
I came across this particular site with two different website addresses. I am a bit curious about this site. Can anyone tell me whether this site is genuine and has anyone ordered any custom made paper from this site.
Mar 17, 2007 | #2
We are well aware that you own those sites. Your previous posts under multiple usernames have already been deleted by the moderator. You're begging to get banned.
Coursework4you - | 13  
Mar 18, 2007 | #3
Dear Amy1978,

Please note that WE own both of these websites. All posts made on behalf of our company will be made from the username Coursework4you and user student_uk has no affiliation with our company.

Dear student_uk,

If you have any questions with regard to our service please do not hesitate to contact me on

Kind Regards
OP student_uk 1 | 28  
Mar 18, 2007 | #4
Dear Amy,

I am in no way affiliated with the company. I was previously conned by and just to avoid another fraud I was asking about the reliability of the website

I read the terms and condition of and it does take custom made order for students but then it uploads the same assignment on its site, which allows other students to buy the same thing for lesses price!!! That is surprising!!

Then why should they charge so much price for the custom made paper?
Major 38 | 1,328 ☆☆☆☆  
Mar 19, 2007 | #5
Then why should they charge so much price for the custom made paper?

How much do they charge (and for how many words per page?)
Coursework4you - | 13  
Mar 19, 2007 | #6
Dear student_uk,

Our prices for custom-written papers are more expensive than prices of other companies because we hire industry's best writers who would not work for peanuts. Writer who holds, let's say, a Master's Degree from City University, would not work for less than £10 an hour. Taking into account the fact that in order to produce high quality paper, one needs to spend hours of time on research, reading and writing - this can not come cheap.

Kind Regards
OP student_uk 1 | 28  
Mar 19, 2007 | #7
I dont mind paying a good price for high quality paper, but thats not the point. What I want to say is when students order custom-made paper from you, then you post the same paper on your website in a month or may be more for a cheap price. Is it not possible to not upload the custom-made paper ordered by any student.
Mar 19, 2007 | #8
Our prices for custom-written papers are more expensive than prices of other companies because we hire industry's best writers who would not work for peanuts.

"Industry's best writers"? Give me a break! You're obviously ESL, and so are your writers!
mike_jay - | 1  
Nov 28, 2007 | #9
I need an essay on wm morissons, covering their business structure, PESTLE and SWOT analysis, and a suggestion on how you would put the company on the ANSOFF matrix
Coursework4you - | 13  
Nov 29, 2007 | #10
Dear mike_jay, We posted a reply to you yesterday answering your question however, by the request of WritersBeware our reply was deleted. Therefore; please check your private messages, you will find the reply there.

If you have any further questions regarding our products and/or services, please contact us directly at contact@papers4you

ENQUIRIES: Please note: We are unable to advertise our services here. However; we welcome any queries regarding our services or products at our e-mail address contact@papers4you

Regards, Maria
Lavinia 4 | 503 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Nov 29, 2007 | #11
Maria, your latest post should be deleted too. what blatant advertising. if you really just cared about mike_jay's post, you could send him an email privately instead of pimping out your ridiculous services through a public post.

it's the busiest time of the year. if you have to resort to msgboard marketing tactics, business must be pretty slow.
nicole salem - | 3  
Apr 02, 2008 | #12
dear amy,

u sounded very familiar with most of the writting is my first time of using coursework4you. are they reliable? that is the most important thing..
jazzyjamie - | 1  
Apr 02, 2008 | #13
i have just placed a request for a custom 3,500 econometrics essay with them aswell and the quote was £400. Is this about average considdering the deadline is the start of next week and can i trust them. Getting a bit desperate to get this piece of work out of the way...
FrostatMidnight 1 | 136  
Apr 02, 2008 | #14
Perhaps it is on the cheaper side!
silverstar - | 2  
May 06, 2009 | #15
hi maria...can u advise on how the phone interview is? what kind of questions are asked?
May 06, 2009 | #16
hi maria...can u advise

She was here two years ago!
gini 1 | 24  
May 06, 2009 | #17
i think this website is legit n reliable....
amy484 - | 1  
Mar 21, 2010 | #18
hi, i want to get my essay done from paper4you but I'm a bit curious. If anybody has brought any essays from them can you tell me whether you got away with it. I mean are the essays really 100% plagiarism free. Has anybody got caught by lecturers? If anybody knows please answer.
SGD - | 4   Student
May 06, 2017 | #19


Dear All,
I am desperately searching for any contact to i had a dissertation purchase and i have lost all my information. The website doesnt seem to exist and i am on a tough deadline to submit my work by end of this month. Will appreciate any help i can get.

Someone Kindly confirm if these website sreally do exist or was i conned. - seller info research solutions -
wordsies    5 | 224 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
May 08, 2017 | #20
@SGD Seems deactivated
SGD - | 4   Student
May 08, 2017 | #21
Thanks for the info. But how does someone get in touch no numbers, numbers on my paypal not getting through...seems like they vanished...what a disappointment
Major 38 | 1,328 ☆☆☆☆  
May 08, 2017 | #22
How long ago did you pay; was it over a month ago?
SGD - | 4   Student
May 13, 2017 | #23
yes, over a month, but the websites are not accessible, neither are the email links they sent going through, i called paypal, they claim the account still exists. The telephone contact they have as well as what was sent t me as part of their email never goes through. Have these guys rebranded? or have been banned,

nothing seems to be coming out clear
Major 38 | 1,328 ☆☆☆☆  
May 13, 2017 | #24
Both and appear to be gone (the first domain has already been snapped by a domain auction website). I'm still wondering what makes students choose foreign / unknown services - is it a low price or something else? Either way, Paypal won't automatically remove an account so even if it exists, it doesn't mean anything. At this point, the best way to go is to accept they are no longer in business...
SGD - | 4   Student
May 17, 2017 | #25
Thanks Major

I had purchased a reference material for my research project, although none of these sites are quite reliable for actual writing services, in addition to that they are not as cheap as they seem. I see this website funny enough it is providing a writing service, with no contact information. The debate in my mind about the unethical aspect of all this. Anyway. Life moves on.

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