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Trying out a few companies: Reviews

ron182 2 | 8  
Jul 15, 2007 | #1
School is coming up and I have been testing various companies that are considered "not scams," such as custompapers and graduatewriter.

Sites I have used: Total piece of **** essay that was blantly copied off of wikipedia. Not to mention, 2 days late. Good prewritten essay i used in high school once. You can find better databases else where though, I wouldn't really recommend. and ********* reviews are coming up soon
Jul 15, 2007 | #2
Well, I'm not at all surprised about your review, considering that owns it.
OP ron182 2 | 8  
Jul 17, 2007 | #3
Attached on merging: 3 More Reviews

Ok. I'm wasting my allowance buying essays, but I desperately need to find a good company I can trust, so if I am in a jam durring the comming fall semester, I will have somewhere to turn to. I rather get scammed now, than get scammed the night before a paper is due.

*********.com: Solid writing service, I asked for 3 quotes, one quote was messed up, but nothing I couldn't fix in an hour. Good customer service, most likely will do business again. This is one that advertizes around college campuses in the San Franciso Bay Area(where i go to school), very good quality writing, probably a notch above *********, in terms of quality. The only problem is that if all of their writers are already working on a project they turn you down.

*********.com: Good writing, definetly not as good as *********, or essaysoncall, but decent nontheless.

For now I've decided to use if I paper due within 4+ days notice, If I need a paper ASAP *********.com will do the job.

I've basically decided now, does anyone have any other sites to recommend? Luckily I found this site soon and discovered how many scam sites there were around. I only got scammed once as I mentioned in my other post by the bastards at[DND*][DND*][DND*]
Major 38 | 1,346 ☆☆☆☆  
Jul 17, 2007 | #4

My gut feeling tells me you own :). Who would like to do business with a site that was established 2 days ago ( and the only contact info is an anonymous email address.. Why do you seek other recommendations?
OP ron182 2 | 8  
Jul 17, 2007 | #5

Please don't accuse me of owning anything. Just about every community college kid in the bay area knows about, it was formerly a geocities website. I will be the first to say that their customer service is slow as hell. I would actually tell someone not to go to essaysoncall if they need an essay quickly.

I seek other reccomendations because I would like to find a site that delivers quality without mistakes, and that doesnt turn you down if they are busy. I am a lousy writer and need to get A's this semester so I can transfrer from my community college to a UC school. If I get a hard writing assignemnt I would like to be able to do business with a comany at the drop of a hat, without worriying about mistakes or availibilty.

I hope custompapers can deliver that. I should be getting my paper soon from them.
mystery 1 | 3  
Jul 17, 2007 | #6
major- i think ron is pushing *********...

LMAO, ron would be one rich man if he owned dont know how big it is at other schools but its pretty well know here at SF state. From what I hear its good work---slow customer service

Ron, in all seriousness custompapers was good for me, especially since i had a very technical paper. I was surprised how good it was.

PS: what CC are you at?

Jul 17, 2007 | #7
I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot poll.
Major 38 | 1,346 ☆☆☆☆  
Jul 17, 2007 | #8
I seek other recommendations because I would like to find a site that delivers quality without mistakes, and that doesnt turn you down if they are busy.

Ok, so based on your "reviews" Essayoncalls can meet your needs. I'm not sure why you look any further.. Just give them 4+ days (or deal with them so that they book a writer or two for you in advance).
OP ron182 2 | 8  
Jul 17, 2007 | #9
Your right major, appologies. I my teachers assign essays with very short notice. i guess im being too picky.

good luck
Jul 18, 2007 | #10
hey if you want to directly correspond with a writer, check this out, wordwarrior.wordpress.

i have tried her, and the writer is really nice and professional. the paper she gave me was really good.

no harm checking it out. good luck!
xyz - | 1  
Jul 18, 2007 | #11
i thinks shes the same...

looks promising...
Jul 18, 2007 | #12
Looks like crap . . . .

airpod and xyz, very pathetic.

Take your dishonest, self-advertising elsewhere. Your half-rate "service" isn't even professional enough to have its own domain.

The only person who could possibly know about those pages is the owner. Why do I believe that? A Google search for "word warrior" doesn't even show, let alone a search for "essays" or any other term. In fact, isn't even indexed by Google, so it's impossible to find!

So, how did you find this needle in a haystack, and why would you decide to use it insead of one of the many established companies that appear for all major keywords?

You lose.
crater - | 1  
Sep 11, 2011 | #13
Most companies are pure shite and post fake reviews which they create themselves. The best way to do stuff is to ask them for a tiny sample and see how it goes. If it goes well then order the rest.
Twig 2 | 117  
Sep 12, 2011 | #14
The best way to do stuff is to ask them for a tiny sample and see how it goes.

Not really. They might send you a well written sample, but actually produce a poor quality paper.
superiorpaperssucks - | 1   Student
May 20, 2012 | #15
Hello Everyone,

Writing Company ReviewI am a student from the Los Angeles area. I can tell you all about[DND*] since I have used them a lot. I would say this about their work...if you want easy papers where you can do it yourself but are lazy and just want someone to write it for you then go with them...Make sure you re correct everything yourself because half of my essays had to be re corrected. While it didn't bother me since they gave me my foundation to work with I figured well they do 70% work and i'll do 30%. Thats the type of student I was.

However, now I happen to be in Grad school and decided to try that theory again....However they gave me a bad paper that even with my correcting I failed the class. (Yes KARMA kicked me in the a$$). So I decided to get a was a very very VERY long process. In fact...Its not over..I had to tell them my grade...I told them I failed the class so I want a refund. They offered to re-write my paper?? Well I failed so that isn't going to fix anything no matter if you give me a 100% paper. Given the fact that you should have done that in the first place.

So why i'm writing this review is that if anyone is getting screwed by this company, please be aware that it is a long battle to get a refund. I have threatened lawsuits to police to calling my credit card company. I went with the easy, less painful , less money way of calling my credit card company and their department fraud team is going to work on getting me a refund.

So morale of my post guys, if you want a refund I would not suggest messaging them to get that refund because their "Money-Back guarantee" is going to be very rough to get out of them and you have to go straight to the source of your credit card company's fraud department. Just be curtious to them as they are fighting your battle for you (Which I was very VERY nice to them and grateful). Trust me guys, $20 may not be worth fighting for but a $200 paper...well Thats good money I work hard for and I am sure you guys want to save your money good quality.

**I am not hired by any company to write reviews. I am a concerned student trying to watch out for other people. If anyone has good companies they trust for good quality work send me a message and I will personally send you my e-mail so we can chat and discuss what happened.

But I can and will tell you about my experience with[DND*] and how Sh**** their work is. I will say this though, There are a few good writers there that are very competent but that is comparable to finding a needle in a haystack.

I wish you guys very well and give me some feedback so I can see where people are at.

Sindra Allan- Drop me an e-mail.
Apparently I can't send you a PM as I just signed up to write my first post

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