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What about and related Kenyan services?

Olivier 1 | -   Student
Dec 14, 2013 | #1
Hi pals i think anyone with an issue with writing companies should try[DND*]. I have ordered with them for my coursework and my dissertation and you believe me, i have both papers A. I once tried[DND*] and i was frustrated since i got a mere 40%.

Anyone willing to prove me can try them uk best essays.

They offered me a 15% discount and 20% Discount, so any anyone willing to order can use them. for 20% discount, code is MRTgtk20 and for 15% discount the code is KLvY15. Their order page is ukbestessays/order.php

Do not be scammed by fake companies. My friends have tried them ([DND*]) and i have heard no complain.

They have 4 more domains[DND*], and and all directing to the same website.

Try them and you will have a good story to tell
writers2beware 41 | 2,023 ☆☆  
Dec 15, 2013 | #2
Kenyan garbage from JAMES WAITITU:[DND*]
Stevo - | 1   Student
Jul 18, 2017 | #3 review

Has anyone used, found some good reviews but can't decide if they are fake
deezLynch - | 17   Student
Jul 29, 2017 | #4
I went over their terms and found 'We are a renowned custom UK Best Essays provider and for the last 5 years'
There is a tool wayback machine that I use for such liars. 5 Nov 2013 see the link

'We are a renowned Custom Essay provider and for the last 5 years, we have assisted thousands of our esteemed clients to actualize their dreams.'

I do not trust companies that lie to their clients from the beginning.
Smiley73 4 | 428 ☆☆☆  
Aug 07, 2017 | #5
There are some instances when the writing companies actually change ownership and in the process, the actual start history of the company becomes hard to keep track of. As the owners change, sometimes, they choose to keep certain aspects of the old company, such as the history of the previous company and the old company name, as their own.

That is because the company is sold but they retain the same writers and other aspects of business of the previous company. The writers normally are not told when this change in ownership happens. The rules of the company just change overnight and that is the sign that someone new owns the company. So if the company is claiming to have been in existence for 5 years, but the verification tools say otherwise, as in, the information indicates that the company has a newer start date than claimed on the site, take into consideration certain business practices first. Once ownership is assumed, depending upon whether the previous owner agrees to it or not, the start date of the existence of the new management may not affect the establishment date of the writing service.

Forum / Essay Services / What about and related Kenyan services?

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