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If you are an American who engages in essay writing, you are a big, big loser......here is why

queen sheba 74 | 799 ☆☆   Observer
Feb 08, 2012 | #1
Whenever I talk about US and its fabled opportunities, I do so with lots of authority since I spent 3 years there(between age 9-11) and, once again, I did 3 years in college when I was undertaking my 3rd degree in Texas.

What baffled me during my study is the sheer number of opportunities that exist in the country. From my extensive travel across the country, I discovered that there are millions of unexploited opportunities that can literally make one a $ millionaire with reasonable effort. For example, in my college years, we formed a business partnership with a US citizen and at one time, I was making close to $10,000 net per month. Needless to say, I lived like a queen and carted away substantial amount of my income to my home country where I invested in hotel business. Today, I know of a guy(a former classmate) in Spain who operates 4 websites that offer software service to US citizens INSIDE US. Last time I talked to him, he was raking > $25,000 per month(net). He puts about 15 hours per week and pays US taxes as he has a day job.

What then surprises and irritates me is this: why would an educated person that RESIDES in US opt to help students cheat the system when there are so many opportunities that one can exploit there?. Don't tell me ' I love writing ....blah, blah .................. Yeah, if you have EXCEPTIONAL writing skills, you would make a fortune without resulting to unethical business so if you plan to fix me on this, stfu.

I can only conclude the following:
a) if you are a US national who engages in 'academic' writing, you are incompetent in the first place to be a writer; otherwise you would rake much much much more as a, say, copywriter or something.

b) if you are a US national who engages in helping students cheat, then something must be wrong with your personal character- either, you lack the skills and the personality necessary to steer you up the corporate ladder or you are simply a wimp who has to hide behind a screen to earn a living. There are no two ways about it.

You may ask me: what about the ESL writers?........without wanting to sound like I am defending them, I assume these are young men and women who lack opportunities in their home countries and have to resort to any avenue to earn a living. BUT I MUST quickly state that I don't endorse what they engage in.

I HATE any American who CANNOT see the extent and magnitude of the opportunities in his/her country. But I don't blame them either; the US media has fed these people with garbage like the color of Angelina Jolie's underwear and at the end, you have lazy and docile Americans who have sold their countries(to the Chinese and co) for a pittance. It is not surprising that the Americans who patronize this forum can only boast of their linguistic 'skills' but no any technical knowledge. They can only excel in level 1 arts.

No wonder, MADE IN CHINA is more common in New York than even in China.
Good points to think about..................................
squonk 1 | 8   Freelance Writer
Feb 08, 2012 | #2
You totally sound like you don't have any financial interest in where people go to buy essays.
OP queen sheba 74 | 799 ☆☆   Observer
Feb 09, 2012 | #3
i do not have ANY financial(or otherwise) interest in the essay 'industry'. However, i do have considerable interest in helping defeat the 'Con Game' that is synonymous with institutions of higher learning.

In one of the universities that i lecture via conferencing, i was instrumental in establishing a formidable anti-plagiarism system that has so far netted 14 students, with 9 of them kicked out of the university. The last one was kicked about 4 days ago.

In fact, as soon as i get time, i will be starting a FREE online research coaching program that will specifically target students from the universities that i lecture, with the eventual aim of aiding and equipping these students with the research skills necessary to produce acceptable academic works.

I'd be willing to spend upto $1000 per month(of my own money) to ensure the program is successful.
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Feb 09, 2012 | #4
I am an American essay writer. I write for extra income, not a living. I pay my rent etc. teaching.

A I'm also a published author.

B I'm also a former corporate accountant and real estate agent, and that world is 10x more corrupt than essay writing.

I find it's good to do a lot of things. it keeps one from getting bored. essay writing is a good side income source.

Queen, have you considered that you may have been jealous you were not born American like your childhood pals, and have now developed a complex about it?

if you free your mind, you may realize that the borders in nations mostly exist in one's imagination.

what one puts into something, one gets out of it... usually.
Feb 09, 2012 | #5
A I'm also a published author.

Yeah, in the classifieds section of "Gay Midget Fetish" magazine . . . .
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Feb 09, 2012 | #6
in the classifieds section of "Gay Midget Fetish" magazine

why, did you see an ad here? someone else does the distribution, of course... maybe I need to give them a call.
Feb 09, 2012 | #7
why, did you see an ad here?

What a clever, creative, 7th grade retort! I'm sure that your "published" writing is just as compelling.
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Feb 09, 2012 | #8
thanks, WB, people say it is compelling, but who knows? sometimes I think I don't know anything at all. what about you?
Perry Gamsby 3 | 62  
Feb 24, 2012 | #9
queen sheba, so if you were so successful and you know there are so many opportunities.... how come you are spending so much time here? Something does not compute. All the super successful people I know don't have time for these forums. I also read the other day while researching a book I am ghostwriting for one of those people about how it is so much harder for young people in the USA to start their own business today. 30 years ago pharmacy graduates, for example, could open a store. Today it is pointless thanks to 3 or 4 large chains dominating the market. The report went on with other examples but I guess they hadn't checked with you first...
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Feb 24, 2012 | #10
Sheba comes off as a bit of a know-it-all, but she's usually pretty on-target.
Feb 24, 2012 | #11
she's usually pretty on-target.

This endorsement is hardly surprising. You're both disciples of the "I don't need evidence because I'm right" school of debate.
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Feb 24, 2012 | #12
I mean, and I really hate to bring it up, but remember when I figured out you were fat, Pheelyks? I didn't have evidence, but I was right.

anyway, Queensheba has you pegged as a passive-aggressive forum vulture who isn't above a little extortion... which seems pretty square dead-on.
Feb 24, 2012 | #13
I didn't have evidence, but I was right.

Thinking that this is logical evidence is an example of your willful idiocy. The rest is just evidence of your pathetic immaturity.

Haven't you claimed to be an older professional type? And you still argue by calling people fat and bragging about how much sex you have? I've known forty year olds like you in the past; it's not a pretty picture.

Oh, and when have I ever attempted to extort anything from anyone?

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