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Is anyone here involved in Resume Writing?

Feb 20, 2009 | #1
Please provide any info about Resume Writing. I'm from Egypt Can I join the Professional Association of Resume Writers or the National Resume Writers Association?

Please say anything.

Thank you.
Mar 31, 2009 | #2
Yea I am. I have no idea about Egypt, I have been working with professionals in USA and UK.
Do you have experience in recruitment or have you worked in the HR department of any reputable organization?
Mar 31, 2009 | #3
Please say anything.

Sufferin' succatash
Apr 03, 2009 | #4
Did you mean "Succotash" (SUHCK-uh-tahsh) which is a Naragansett Indian word meaning "broken into bits."
Succotash is a simple dish, of indigenous corn and lima beans, was introduced to white settlers by the Algonkian and Powhatan tribes of the Southern United States.
Apr 03, 2009 | #5
Dearbats, please tell me that you are kidding with that "history lesson." You DO know that what I typed is the signature expression of Sylvester that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the dish, right? It's popularly spelled both ways in the cartoon character's catch phrase.
Apr 03, 2009 | #6
Yes, I do :)

Simply did it to add a dash of "historical" humor...

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