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Is anyone here involved in Resume Writing?

xsx 3 | 1  
Feb 20, 2009 | #1
Please provide any info about Resume Writing. I'm from Egypt Can I join the Professional Association of Resume Writers or the National Resume Writers Association?

Please say anything.

Thank you.
humble 2 | 264  
Mar 31, 2009 | #2
Yea I am. I have no idea about Egypt, I have been working with professionals in USA and UK.
Do you have experience in recruitment or have you worked in the HR department of any reputable organization?
Mar 31, 2009 | #3
Please say anything.

Sufferin' succatash
dearbats 1 | 130  
Apr 03, 2009 | #4
Did you mean "Succotash" (SUHCK-uh-tahsh) which is a Naragansett Indian word meaning "broken into bits."
Succotash is a simple dish, of indigenous corn and lima beans, was introduced to white settlers by the Algonkian and Powhatan tribes of the Southern United States.
Apr 03, 2009 | #5
Dearbats, please tell me that you are kidding with that "history lesson." You DO know that what I typed is the signature expression of Sylvester that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the dish, right? It's popularly spelled both ways in the cartoon character's catch phrase.
dearbats 1 | 130  
Apr 03, 2009 | #6
Yes, I do :)

Simply did it to add a dash of "historical" humor...
Albert Rio 1 | 3   Observer
Oct 14, 2017 | #7

Resume Writing Service

Where can I find a good Resume writing service?
writer4life - | 31   Freelance Writer
Oct 14, 2017 | #8
kidding with that "history lesson."

That was actually a vocabulary lesson, but yeah. ;) I've used that saying quite a bit and found the explanation interesting. LOL.

Where can I find a good Resume writing service?

There are several freelance writers in this group who help with resumes/CVs, myself included. I saw some profiles a while back (in this forum) and outsourced some extra work with one of them... Academic Eve, I believe. I don't have that link in front of me, but you can find it in the search box, I'm sure.

Forum / Writing Careers / Is anyone here involved in Resume Writing?

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