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Has anyone here worked with Enotes

RandomRandom    5 | 54   Freelance Writer
Nov 03, 2017 | #1
Hello everyone.
I recently applied and got accepted as an educator on
Still, I am lost when it comes to how everything works on that site. Do they pay? To me so far, there is no red flag from the site and I do not think it is a scam. However, I still do not know how it works. It does not look like the average essay writing website because answers are meant to be published immediately. The earnings are also not very attractive but I am comfortable with it since most of the answers are meant to be guides and cannot even be used as they are because they get published on the site as soon as one posts them.

I posted one answer on the site. The answer was priced at $6 and was around 100 words. The earnings did not reflect anywhere on my profile though. Granted, the number of points increased as soon as I posted the answer. So I don't know whether they pay after one gets to a certain number of points or if I have to request for payment after a certain period.

I will appreciate any kind of information on this
Major 39 | 1,393 ☆☆☆  
Nov 03, 2017 | #2
Maybe the questioner or a moderator is supposed to accept the answer (if it's not accepted it's not going to get paid).
OP RandomRandom    5 | 54   Freelance Writer
Nov 03, 2017 | #3
The rules say that answers are automatically accepted, and can only be rejected later if they do not follow the guidelines.
I have written two answers but one was a test. There was a confirmation email response on the test, but they had specified that it would not be paid.

The second answer was accepted to my knowledge since the number of points increased in my account and the answer is visible on the site. However, I don't see any information regarding the payment. This is my main concern. I just want to know how the system works. It might be that I have to claim after a certain number of points. I'm sort of confused and I don't want to do any more work on the site before I figure out how it works.
Smiley73 4 | 428 ☆☆☆  
Nov 04, 2017 | #4
Their payment guidelines are unclear. The only thing I could get out of their website is that the payments are tied in with the points that you earn. There is nothing specific about how you get paid. Maybe something will turn up automatically within the system when you hit a certain score. I am wondering though, did they ask you for any payment specifics when you first signed up? What was the payment arrangement you agreed to with them? Bank transfer? Paypal? Western Union? If you have a specific payment system with them, then you could email them and ask about that. Do it in the guise of asking if they need any additional payment information from you. They seem to be secretive about a lot of things, specially when it comes their payment schedules.

I am afraid you may not have not clearly understood how the payments happen. If you are not participating, then you may be losing out on an opportunity to earn. It is important that you reach out to them and try to get a response from them. I wish you had not signed up to work for them without being clear on how you will be paid first. Anyway, I hope you get this matter cleared up soon. Let us know how it works out for you.
OP RandomRandom    5 | 54   Freelance Writer
Nov 04, 2017 | #5
The payment arrangement was PayPal when I signed up. This is already confirmed. Like you said, the payment seems to be tied to the number of points. Before answering a question on the site, one can see its worth. The one I answered was worth $6. After answering it, I did not see anything to indicate that payment will be received. However, the number of points in my account increased by 10 points. (You get 35 points as soon as you are accepted on the site).

I'll try and reach out to them and see how it works

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