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writologist 1 | 12   Freelance Writer
May 18, 2017 | #1
It is unbelievable, but I recently got defrauded by a user who presented herself as a student in need of an English essay. The scam, who goes by the name Rachael, and email address Rachaelsmith13@yahoo MANAGED TO DUPE ME. I'm not done with her yet though. I have tracked her down. Turns out she resides in Sheffield, UK. I really hope that she sees this. I am planning on putting the paper online!

She advertised on the essaychat platform that she needed a 3000-word paper, after which she would make the payments. I never heard from her after submitting the essay. Matter of fact, she deleted/deactivated her email address. I am just warning you guys that not everything on this site is legitimate. We have frauds within us. This is very painful. Why does this site allow such people to make advertisements, anyway?

Related (from EssayChat):

Scammed by a Demon: I do not trust anyone here anymore, you never know who is who. My innocence has betrayed me time and again. Now I must pay for it. I am bleeding inside because I worked tirelessly to write 3000 words that the demon had requested promising that it shall pay £200. I would never do that to anyone. Stealing from one writer is like stealing from humanity. Online writing industry will soon fall into disrepute if such demons are allowed to continue with their exploits. People turn into religion for solace because of such demons. They have no religion and feel no remorse when they harm fellow human beings who are out to make a honest living.

Selfish people like "Rachael" the scamming demon are the main cause for spread of evil around the world. They would want to see the whole society tare down because of mistrust. Please folks learn from what has been done to me this day.. DO NOT ACCEPT ANY WORK WITHOUT PAY. PEOPLE ARE NOT WHAT YOU THINK THEY ARE HERE.

English Essay Student FraudMy message goes out to this evil which is here and could be reading my messages. My resolve to excel in what I do has only been strengthened. I will strive hard to help deserving fellow human beings. My religion is to spread humanity and hope. Guys you can help me get a genuine client, that's the only thing that would help alleviate the pain. I am not whining. I am trying to WARN people against that loathsome beast. It has left me feeling like a and it is my duty to warn others against the scoundrel who is somewhere around here. The demon and its minions will ruin the entire industry if we keep quite and we do not raise our voices. We must act unanimously to raise awareness in order to thwart its schemes. It keeps changing names and tact and someone else will fall victim to its schemes very soon.

Essaywrite: The creature and its minions must be hunted down. The mentality exhibited by the scammer is what has led to mistrust between peoples around the world. Such mentality will actually lead to an apocalyptic uprising between one people and another due to inability to trust each other.

Scamming an innocent writer is an act of terrorism and everyone must stand up against such characters. it's because of such mentality that humanity will eventually self destruct and we all have a role to play. We must ensure humanity survives longer by naming and shaming swindlers who are a cause of collapse of many governments around the world. That all sounds terrible. Always make sure you get $ up front!! These are lessons to learn by so man up and on to the next great piece for someone else!

Does anybody know where this Rachael is based? I was just checking my emails from last year as this sounded familiar. I was approached by a Rachael about writing an English Lit essay with payment to come after. She said she was from Massachusetts. Yeah, I Just checked the email, she told me she went to UMass Amherst. She was called Rachael Smith. She wanted an English Lit essay about Aphra Behn's Oroonoko last April. She said she went to UMass Amherst in Massachusetts, USA. Her address was rachaelsmith13@yahoo. She wanted me to write a 1500 word essay but wanted to pay after I'd sent her it. I sent her the intro (200 words) and she didn't get back to me.

wonder: Selfish scammers should be held accountable; you should share every information that you have about such a person in a public forum and let people help in bringing such a ruthless demon down. Acts of courage aimed at thwarting schemes of malevolent demons will deter even more dangerous demons and humanity will be saved from the grave sin of discord that this creature wants to sow among ourselves. Anyone who knows what is right to do and goes ahead to do it is a valiant hero who saves humanity and deserves every kind of praise. A valiant act however small is vile to demons whose conscience died long time ago. Their hope s that we all should act like them and bring ruin to a creation that God entrusted to us. So wage war against such people wherever they may be found. Their dream of making what is right to seem wrong and vice versa will never come true if we can stand up against them. If we allow what is right to be corrupted in front of our very own eyes, then we betray the very mothers who gave birth to us. We betray their hopes that they gave birth to worthy sons and daughters, who possess enough courage to stand against evil.

ProfessorVerb: Rather than being an apocalyptic event, one person getting ripped off is nothing new and I doubt it will cause the collapse of civilization as we know it. After all, people have been getting ripped off since we climbed down from the trees, and I'll bet there was more than one instance of banana-snatching before that. I'm not saying this is right, of course, but I am saying it's human nature so you should require payment in advance before writing a word.

Rebuttal: Professor verb, it depends on how your mind is conditioned to see things. To you it is just an ingrained habit of "normal" humans to scam others. The same things goes for extremists. To them, it's normal to behead a non believer. Smaller vices if unchecked metamorphose into a hideous beast that will at some point swallow entire humanity. People will start competing with each other to see who is more skilled in scamming. Best of the geniuses will invent a large scale scheme and within a short time and more people will be hurt. We are living in information society and simpler matters quickly spiral out-off control if unchecked. You had off Arab spring. Twitter msgs bringing down entire regimes. You had the rise of the new terror group. Deny the fact if you want, but the terror gained power after rumors spread that some members of US forces in Iraq had rapped a woman. To a lay man not willing to admit people in different cultures think differently. Rape is a common occurrence, but to people who have dignity and common sense, rape of one member of the community s rape of entire community.

So many people swore to get avenged after the rumors spread like wild fire. What mean is, think critically. An information society is a society where news spread fast. Politicians know ths and they who will to succeed have taken advantage of the loophole fully. Spreading les and all that. What I mean is, it may be that only one person is scammed today and we accept it as normal. Tomorrow, the statistics will rise and keep rising. People will eventually learn to brush it away even when 10 people are scammed everyday. The vice will take on a different face faster than you expect and consequences will be felt elsewhere when you are deep asleep n some part of the world, no pun intended. The things is spread of AIDS started when 1 human was infected, people at that time at least out of ignorance did nothing to stop it. We know better than to let criminals get away with what they do.Bottom line, you may experience harm at a later time in your life that is completely different from being scammed by a rogue customer, but looking at it closely, it could all be related to minor crimes committed by people that went unchecked sometimes back. I hope you get an image of what I am trying to say.

You remember the Danish cartoonist? If what he did took place in a different era, there would have been little or no consequence. Do not under estimate the power of the internet. If you understood it clearly, then you would be the fist person to condemn any act directed at harming anyone however trivial. That way can you be sure that you will less likely to come nto harm in the future. Ease of access of information makes unimaginable things happen within very short spans of time. Only you can police the internet and help prevent the spread of crime. The sooner we realize this the better.

Information in the internet is like a virus that does damage to a different part of the body and you do not realize it until t reaches an advanced stage where even lay men get to understand what is going on. If people rose up against such scammers, and event means to stop them, then an increase in revenue flows would be felt here and across online business as a result of increase in confidence. The person who scams another would not hesitate to still credit card information from others or break into financial systems and steal funds. Unfortunately, such people are less likely to spend money such money well, but would inevitably funds schemes that hurt all of us. In

Here we should call ourselves by one name only; ALL OF US. If one is hurt we are all hurt including the person who perpetrates the crime. The perpetrator should face the consequences of her actions in order to save all of us. We hope somewhere down the lne the laws of karma catch up with her. The law of karma has a scientific and psychological basis, and that's why she s bound to pay at some point down the line..

wordsies: Whoever lives under the impression that writers are not prone to scams is delusional. I get at least a dozen request every week with the "can I pay after delivery" clause. Just ignore them or send them a pre-made response with the reasons why you can't. However, a word of warning to students as well. Do not blindly trust a writer, go for a small order first - a page or two - to establish trust. Once that's out of the way, you're both pretty much safe for any future dealings. One more thing. Whatever your view of the world may be, you're not a good fit in this industry if you're incapable of protecting yourself from fraud. It's a common theme in this industry, sadly, and you have to be able to recognize it and prevent it.
wordsies    4 | 179   Freelance Writer
May 18, 2017 | #2
And that is why you never work without getting paid first. Especially on a 3000 word paper for someone you don't know....
Major 33 | 1,249 ☆☆☆☆  
May 18, 2017 | #3
The sooner you post the paper, the more chances you have to achieve *something*. If you wait, he/she will use it/submit it and you are left with nothing. If you post it, it would be indexed in Google / Bing / TurnItIn and he/she would not risk getting caught.
OP writologist 1 | 12   Freelance Writer
May 18, 2017 | #4
I have done so already (submitted it to course hero) ... but it does not show up in a plagiarism report yet. How long does it normally take to reflect that it is plagiarized?

The con is actually based in the UK. I did some background check on her and found out she is from Sheffield, or at least she texted me from there... I found someone on twitter who I highly suspect could be her... not so sure though. "Rachael X" on twitter. She often typed her name as such during the negotiations.
Major 33 | 1,249 ☆☆☆☆  
May 18, 2017 | #5
It's going to take a day or two before it shows up (but when an essay is checked in real time by a professor, it should show up quicker than that). Regarding the con, I doubt 'Rachel Smith' is the fraudster real name; they use common / meaningless names like 'Smith' to commit online crimes. I'm not even sure if Paypal checks the payer's name. The closest you can go to focus on an IP address and possible other information sent by email.
OP writologist 1 | 12   Freelance Writer
May 18, 2017 | #6
The closest you can go to focus on an IP address and possible other information sent by email.

Yeah, I actually used the email address to get the IP, which I then used to track the location. That's the best I could do with the IP, I guess?

If you could pull other tricks to bring her down using the IP address, here it is ""
Major 33 | 1,249 ☆☆☆☆  
May 18, 2017 | #7
It's an email (Yahoo) IP; it's not very helpful. The only sure thing is that the scammer communicated from the UK. The next best thing would be to use the Paypal's information/email (hm - but this 'student' has actually never paid you? - you completed the work without advance payment)? If so -- it was not very smart decision on your part...
OP writologist 1 | 12   Freelance Writer
May 19, 2017 | #8
you completed the work without advance payment)? If so -- it was not very smart decision on your part...

I agree.. Should have known better. But the student presented herself as a victim of fraud... I thought she was still naive and stuff.. It never crossed my mind that she was using the illustration to gain some sympathy and trust.

Where do you guys get your legitimate clients from BTW... I am really thirsty right now LMAO. A referral of at least one client?
Major 33 | 1,249 ☆☆☆☆  
May 19, 2017 | #9
Well, dog eats dog :| If he/she was really scammed, she 'revenged' by scamming another person. But I still don't understand why a freelance writer would want to complete the whole paper AND send it before getting paid. You should've told him/her that the paper was ready and it would be sent once the payment is completed (it didn't have to be the whole amount paid, but at least 50% or so).

Btw - your remark about her being a 'victim' may suggest you like working with the naive, too ;)
OP writologist 1 | 12   Freelance Writer
May 19, 2017 | #10
Btw - your remark about her being a 'victim' may suggest you like working with the naive, too ;)

Not quite. I just thought she was not the type to scam. But, I see what you are trying to say tho :(
essaywriter73 - | 15   Freelance Writer
May 27, 2017 | #11
Next time either don't work without advance payment or make them clear if you don't receive your payment within an hour you will post the entire work
Diphthong - | 3  
May 27, 2017 | #12
Rachel the Scammer. Did she delete her email after you requested for the payment?
OP writologist 1 | 12   Freelance Writer
May 28, 2017 | #13
Can you imagine?! How diabolic! Shouldn't have trusted her. I was fifty-fifty at first but decided to take the risk. Turns out I was dead wrong!
ProfessorVerb    30 | 733 ☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Jun 02, 2017 | #14
I was fifty-fifty at first

I have mixed feelings about ambivalence.
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G_Samuels    - | 1   Freelance Writer
Jun 06, 2017 | #15
Seems like I dodged a bullet as her email went to my spam folder. Next time, ask clients to pay upfront.