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What makes a good essaywriting service for writer?

Volde 1 | 2  
Sep 21, 2007 | #1
Dear Forum members:

I'm really excited to run across this forum, hope you guys could give me some good feedback. Let me first give you some background on me.

I've been a freelance/custom essay writer for four years now. Started out with a very small outfit called Junglepage, then moved on to alot of different sites, including all of the major hitters (SNR, Essaywriters.net, UKEssays, etc). While being involved in freelance writing, I've also started a career in internet entrepreneurship. I've started one angel funded venture out of Los Angeles, won two MBA business plan competitions, and currently am consulting on a venture backed social networking service.

After years of using all of these sites, I'm frustrated just like the rest of you at their quality of service, and how they treat both customers and writers. So now that I have some free time, I think its finally time to do something about it myself. To that effect, I'm planning to launch my essay writing service on a completely new premise that I think will really help out the entire writing community and customers to get maximum value both ways.

I know demand for our services will always be there, so my key focus with this website is on how to find and keep the BEST writers. I know its not just about how much money I offer, and I'm hoping for some good feedback on what you guys would love to see an essay service offer.

Here's my promise, I will take every one of your suggestions seriously, and will give you a full feedback report on all of the features that I will implement for writers in the coming weeks.

I'm not scamming, don't work for a major company, and I'm very sincere. Please help me help all of you make something that will be both profitable and worthwhile.

Hope to get your feedback soon!

Thanks alot!


Sep 21, 2007 | #2
Get the hell out of here with your empty hype and self-promotion! You either didn't bother to READ the terms of service or simply chose to ignore them.

Moderator, please delete this useless thread before it goes any further.
OP Volde 1 | 2  
Sep 21, 2007 | #3
Sorry, I really mean to make anyone angry.... I'm just trying to get feedback before I launch my website. I thought I used a polite and appropriate approach with my post. You are of course free not to comment.

It just seems like the majority of posts on this forum are about the bad experiences they've had with their site. I haven't started mine, I'm not recruiting, and I'm sure once you see my site you'll get my concept is very different. So all i'm looking for is suggestions and tips on how to keep writers happy.

Won't that help all of us out? Thanks!

Sep 21, 2007 | #4
Did you notice the NAME of this site? It's not called "EssayHelpFor NewTermPaperMillOwners.org."

No advertising or self-promotion allowed--period.
OP Volde 1 | 2  
Sep 21, 2007 | #5
Okay let me rephrase my post then, I merely wanted to get feedback, thought it would be polite to introduce myself first....

What qualities of an essay writing service do writers find most beneficial or missing from current websites?

Would that be more fair? sorry for the confusion WritersBeware, I really had no intentions at all for self-promotion, I'll let my site speak for my reputation. Thanks for the feedback though, as you can see I just joined this forum.


Sep 21, 2007 | #6
I don't care how you twist your questions to appear as though you are trying to selflessly assist all of the writers about whom you care so dearly. You may not ask such questions here, as your sole goals are self-promotion and personal profiteering.

If you continue pushing the issue, your IP address may be blocked.
joey009 - | 32  
Sep 23, 2007 | #7
1. good pay (50% of what you're going to charge customers would be good.)

2. cheap provisions for sending pay through bankwire (since most of us, non-American writers live in places where PayPal isn't so useful)

3. clear cut rules on refunds. IMO, the only things that warrant partial/ full refunds are the following: 1.) the project was written poorly (lots of grammar errors and so on). 2.) The project was plagiarized 3.) The project specifications were not followed. Partial refunds should depend on how likely it is that the student could still benefit from the paper.

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