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Pakistan/Indian Writers and Companies - Improper English Grammar

Pakistani 1 | 1  
Aug 17, 2009 | #1
Hey people,

The purpose of this post is to inform you of my experience as academic papers writer here in Pakistan.

Academic English LanguageI am an undergraduate business student in Pakistan and have been writing academic papers for students in English-speaking countries for almost a month now. I work for a guy who is my university-mate. I am completely unaware as to where he gets orders from and I even can't communicate with the customers. Before visiting, I really didn't know that this industry is mostly concentrated by scam websites. I believe that i have written quality papers which customers have liked (I know this from the bonuses I get). But, I am utterly shocked to know that the average compensation per page here is $10. I am paid Pakistan 150 rupees (the deadline doesn't matter) which are equivalent to less than two dollars!! The guy I work must be getting a lot more than this.

While browsing through this forum, I came across posts which belittle Pakistani and Indian writers. I must tell you that most of the people like me are educated in English throughout their life; therefore, we have good English language skills and can write well. I also believe that if writers here are paid well ( $7- 20 per page), we will surely put in more effort to produce quality papers.

I have now decided to quit working for this guy and would start freelance writing for some website in US or UK. I hope, I am able to find a legitimate website which pays well for the work of the writer. i would be glad if you guys could help me out in this regard.
OxbridgeResearchers 6 | 740 ☆☆  
Aug 17, 2009 | #2
belittle Pakistani and Indian writers

From experience, I can confirm that some Pakistani and Indian writers are truly excellent. Wonderful command of the language and really dedicated. Most companies hire ESL writers but try to deny it. Look for a company which openly states that it does and which pays ESL writers the same as it does native ones. Several do ...

am paid Pakistan 150 rupees (the deadline doesn't matter) which are equivalent to less than two dollars!!

That is pure exploitation and you should not allow it.

You really should conduct your own investigations ... you could be led astray here.
meeeek7777 - | 1  
Jan 08, 2012 | #3
[Moved from]: Indian companies don't use correct English grammar

I had hired for writing 2 assignments and 1 dissertation. There were 7 BIG grammatical mistakes in my assignment of 4 pages and 12 BIG grammatical mistakes in my assignment of 7 pages. The dissertation was even worse. I got a B grade in my dissertation. This is because it is an Indian company. Friends, ONLY hire UK or US companies. You will get an A grade. Rest is UR choice.
Martyn - | 38  
Jan 08, 2012 | #4
An ad in disguise
prowritergr 1 | 16   Freelance Writer
Jan 09, 2012 | #5
What about to sit your arse down and write the essay on your own to get A? B is ok, someone else has tried hard to get A while you cheated...

P.S. How much did you pay?
uzairhamid - | 2   Freelance Writer
May 13, 2012 | #6
I hope, I am able to find a legitimate website which pays well for the work of the writer

I have been working as an academic writer since December 2009. I am based in Karachi, Pakistan. Undoubtedly, some writers from Pakistan are born with superb learning and writing abilities. I, personally, cannot afford my higher studies in countries like UK or USA. That is why, I found academic writing a way to absorb education that I was deprived of.

Mate, I started at PKR 110 per page. That's almost $1.5 per page or 0.8 GBP per page (275 words per page). However, I soon found out some reliable and top-notch companies. These companies are based in West, accept non-native writers, and pay well. However, you need to prove your identity, provide transcripts (degrees), and furnish previous work samples. I am not sure if I am allowed to post their names over here, but these companies are legitimate (at least in my opinion).

I would like to seek help from the admins regarding this issue. Can I post the urls of these companies?
MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
May 13, 2012 | #7
You cannot post any web addresses if you want to stick to the ToS of this forum. Secondly, anyone would ask: Why would you wanna post those addresses here? I have every reason to believe that you are employed by someone who has asked you to post here so that many Pk and Indian writers (and other ESL writers - who find it hard to find work, and are ready to work for as low as USD1.5!) can register with you adding to your profits.

This is really not a good strategy. There are a number of things that I can say but I am not doing so only because you've not violated the forum's rules. So, it's better to keep working the way you do (by misrepresenting your 1000s of websites), and not to try to use this forum to fish some novices.
uzairhamid - | 2   Freelance Writer
May 13, 2012 | #8
Meo Khan please!!!
I am not among those guys who go after referral commission. I have my own set up, and I am doing very well. I just went through this thread so thought of helping out this guy.

PLEASE READ AGAIN - I have not posted any name of the company or website. I am new on this platform and that is why I was seeking sound advice regarding posting any name.
solutionmaker360 1 | 21   Freelance Writer
May 13, 2012 | #9
From experience, I can confirm that some Pakistani and Indian writers are truly excellent.

Thank you very much for your appreciation.
th63 1 | 462  
May 13, 2012 | #10
No one should accept such low pay for any type of writing services, since it is pure slave labor. Of course I am well aware that Western companies have been flocking to China, India and other developing countries for years, where they can take advantage of extremely cheap labor and desperate populations who will work for virtually nothing. I do not think this should be allowed at all since it's the worst kind of exploitation.

By the way, I have written hundreds of "model essays" over the years, and I am well aware that the majority of students who buy these are in English-language universities and they have great difficulty doing written assignments because this is not their first language. I also know that many of them are enrolled in some type of online university or distance learning program.

Frankly, if I were the professor in a class that had students whose English was poor and I received some type of "model essay" like this, I would turn them in for academic fraud. I don't simply mean plagiarism but outright fraud, for which a student can be suspended or expelled from the university, since I would know almost at once that the essay was not from them.

I am certain that some of these students do get caught and the university authorities force them to disclose where they really obtained their essays.
MeoKhan    7 | 1,393 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
May 13, 2012 | #11
if I were the professor

If you WERE. Sadly you're NOT. :-s
brighter writer 1 | 7   Freelance Writer
Aug 01, 2013 | #12
Hello "Pakistani",

I am from India. I empathise with you on a lot of points and actually have had similar experiences. I have written poor quality papers myself, simply because my time needed to write them was not compensated for by their per word pay-rate.

There is a huge conflict between ENL and ESL writers in this forum. My own conclusion from my own experience is that ENL writers may know the language better (most of the times) but the language alone does not make the essay. You need content and the stupid and/or lazy customers are lacking there. Hence, people like us flourish, low rate or whatever. I was one of the top-rankers in my class and even the bottom-rankers of my class used to top their masters course classes once they went to the US for higher studies. Their English was and still is mediocre, even by our Indian standards.

If you find some decent paying website, please let me know too.

Brighter Writer

LOL. I can only be amused that someone who cheated his way to a B is actually complaining that it's not an A !

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